“Illegitimate, barefaced, eye-pass,” – GMSA raps Venezuela over claim to Essequibo

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro
GMSA President Major General (rtd.) Norman McLean

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana  Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA) has once again rejected claims by neighbouring Venezuela on more than 2/3 of Guyana’s territory including the exclusive oil rich economic zone.

GMSA President Norman McLean at a luncheon on Monday pointed out that the claims by Venezuela have the potential to unilaterally destabilize the South America region as it threatens the sovereignty of more than one country.

“Our new government is experiencing the proverbial baptism by fire, though it is unjust, it is illegitimate, barefaced, and to use local parlance, rank eye-pass,” said McLean while referring to Venezuela’s aggression against Guyana.

“This latest Venezuelan attempt to annex our Exclusive Economic Zone has the potential to create more multilateral difficulties for them than they bargained for since it also threatens the Eastern Caribbean’s and Suriname’s wealth, their peace and security.”

Guyana’s President David Granger has already started to lobby support for Guyana against this new claim by Venezuela. Already, the United Kingdom, Commonwealth, and CARICOM have signalled their disdain to the aggressions made by Venezuela.

Vice President Carl Greenidge also recently indicated that the government intends to pursue a judicial settlement by way of the International Court of Justice to have the issue resolved.




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