Trio remanded for robbery of Land Court Judge, Husband

Land Court Judge, Nicole Pierre and husband Mohamed Chand.

By Leroy Smith

Nicholas Narine
Nicholas Narine

[] – Nicholas Narine, Anthony David and Damien Melvington were on Monday afternoon slapped with three armed robbery charges each, all of which they reportedly committed on July 09 at Montrose, East Coast Demerara.

Melvington, 17, is of Caesar Street, Agricola; 20 – year – old Narine is also from Caesar Street and Anthony David is said to be 28 years of age. It is alleged that on the day in question, while in the company of others they robbed Land Court Judge, Nicole Pierre and husband Mohamed Chand.

The court heard that they took from Chand brand-name sunglasses, brand-name wristwatches, US$8,000 among other items which totaled almost GUY$2.7M.

Land Court Judge, Nicole Pierre and husband Mohamed Chand.
Land Court Judge, Nicole Pierre and husband Mohamed Chand.

The court heard that the trio also discharged a loaded firearm in the direction of Rawle Peters with intent to maim, injure or disfigure him. They appeared before Magistrate Ann McLennan, who informed them that the charges are indictable; hence they were not required to plea.

They were all remanded to prison until July 30 and the matter was transferred to the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court.

David however told the court that he was beaten by police ranks who sought to have him admit to knowing two other suspects, namely Nicholas Narine and Melvington. The trio claimed they were tortured.

iNews however did not notice any visible signs of the men being physically or otherwise abused. When contacted, Crime Chief Wendel Blanhum dismissed the accusations, noting that the men were not being honest and the claims were only aimed at bringing the Police Force into disrepute.

Pierre and her husband were badly beaten and had to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of a City hospital. Chand lost an eye while his wife suffered a broken jaw. The court heard that the victims are currently overseas receiving medical attention.


  1. Yes the need to be locked up and charged there is a process.You say shoot them not that i disagree because if it were my family i know how and what i would have felt and I’m not sure that is the answer.However the Police commissioner is right the justice system needs revamping for it serves no purpose if it does not deter criminals by the punishment it places upon.It needs to be more stern and bold and forceful

  2. Come on Criminal Lawyers aren’t you going to defend them? Or is it because it’s one of your own?
    I wish the Judge and her husband a speedy recovery

  3. They all should have been SHOT, they will be out and in the news by next few weeks,,,recycled criminals, just look at GOBIN ,,,he is a perfect example of a recycled criminal,,today in tomorrow out to do it all over again,,,but i forget when ppl shoot and kill them you get the cry,,,is a church mouse,,,he was a good boy,,,JUSTICE!!!

  4. They deserve to be lock up for a longgggggggg time, they maimed someone. All of this has to stop.


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