President Granger urges evolution as Guyanese celebrate Independence


By Jomo Paul

independence 1[] – President David Granger on Tuesday May 26 urged Guyanese to evolve as one and dedicate their energies towards building Guyana as a nation.

President Granger was at the time addressing thousands of Guyanese and dignitaries of CARICOM and UNASUR as Guyana celebrated 49 years as an nation Independent of British rule.Independence 4

Guyanese stood in the pouring rain in the streets surrounding the 1763 Monument ‘Cuffy’ at the Square of the Revolution, downtown Georgetown.

President“Let us evolve to work together to change our society,” said President Granger as he addressed the crowd.

He said “we have a duty to actualize the vision of our nation’s founding fathers who fought to create a new state, we have a duty to continue the work they started.”

The President was careful to remind the crowd that many had died so that Guyanese today can enjoy the rights they do, and one right in particular being that to vote for a political Party of their choice to ascend into office.Granger and Naga

“Independence is not the work of one person or one Party,” he said pointing out that it came as a result of a movement that encapsulated the entire Caribbean.

Though the rain poured for the most part of the morning, Guyanese were unfettered and stood with their umbrellas as the President and members of civil society laid wreaths at the Independence Arch in honour of those who had fallen. For over two decades no wreaths were laid at the monument and the Independence was celebrated in another manner.

IndeAs Guyana’s National Flag – the Golden Arrowhead – was hoisted, the thousands gathered joined the President, Prime Minister and Commanders of the Disciplined Services as they stood in awe of the beauty of the flag that was first hoisted 49 years ago replacing the Union Jack.

As soon as the President and Prime Minister departed, the general public was allowed into the cordoned off area surrounding the Independence Arch where they viewed the wreaths and for many take in the significance of the Independence Arch for the first time.



  1. I do not believe,the Carter Centre will support any forensic audit of the recent elections held here and won by Guyanese for Guyanese.This Centre consists of highly intelligent people,who saw and know that Guyanese won,and would not want to be seen as meddling in Guyana`s affairs.How STUPID and THOUGHTLESS this racist and puppet IAC, mouth-piece of the former government is,as to think otherwise.GUYANA,THE CO-OPERATIVE REPUBLIC IT IS,stands to WELCOME EVERYONE,with OPEN ARMS,including IAC and the PPP/C who will realize eventually,that we can only MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER.

  2. If we have a reverse process of “evulation” , granger will become a primate, which will allow him to find his root and nagamotto will eventually crawl on his belly.

  3. My Country is again at the starting line. This time it has qualified and capable leaders to take on the task. Our prayers are with you.


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