“Dropping of Chanderpaul disgraceful” – former WIPA President

Former West Indies Players Association (WIPA) president Dinanath Ramnarine
Former West Indies Players Association (WIPA) president Dinanath Ramnarine

[Trinidad Express] – Former West Indies Players Association (WIPA) president Dinanath Ramnarine has called the dropping of Shivnarine Chanderpaul from the West Indies squad for the Australian home series “disgraceful” while former West Indies pacer Tony Gray said people should not be too emotional about Chanderpaul’s non selection since he was not producing the runs.

“First of all, it was most unfortunate that the West Indies selectors would treat yet another great West Indies cricketer who has been a loyal servant in the most disgraceful manner,” Ramnarine told the Express.

Ramnarine said Chanderpaul had showed true commitment and loyalty to WI cricket and the manner in which he was dropped was unbecoming.

“When I saw recently the president of the WICB Dave Cameron say that Chanderpaul would be given a special send-off, I was waiting to see what would be done to celebrate his long-standing and successful career. But then I saw the team and Chanderpaul was left out, it is so consistent with the WICB, how they have treated great players in the past including Brian Lara, Sir Vivian Richards, Desmond Haynes,,” he said.

Ramnarine compared the Chanderpaul situation with how other top cricketers like Steve Waugh, Shane Warne, Sachin Tendulkar were given the opportunity to play in front of home crowds and get a proper goodbye, and also cited the example of English Premier League footballer Steven Gerrard of Liverpool whose fans got an opportunity to say goodbye recently.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul
Shivnarine Chanderpaul

“The WICB missed an opportunity to make this (Australia) series a send-off for Chanderpaul, lost another opportunity to build back trust with fans and to celebrate Chanderpaul career for being the dependable batsman that he was,” Ramnarine stated.

Ramnarine said the WICB continues to speak about loyalty from the players and fans but didn’t understand that loyalty and respect is a two-way process.

However, Gray believed that the WICB selectors had a job to do ” and you can’t get too emotional about the situation.”

“They looked at the two previous series and he was really struggling, so you can’t be emotional. The important thing is who they replaced him with and once that person has been making runs, it is okay,” Gray said, adding that he had heard rumours that Chanderpaul was spoken to.

But Ramnarine said the other aspect that needed to be highlighted with a proper send-off for Chanderpaul was how he started and what he brought to the game.

“Forget about the records and how much success he had at international cricket, that is not the most important thing. What is important is that he came from humble beginnings and achieved and the WICB should have used to that as a motivating factor to the younger players to show that if Chanderpaul was able to make it at highest level and succeed then everyone can,” Ramnarine said.

“But as I said, it is typical of how the WICB have mismanaged top players’ departure from WI cricket. Cameron said he wanted Chanderpaul to be treated special. Well if this is special, I wouldn’t want to see if they treated him in a bad way. Lord alone knows what would happen,” Ramnarine said.



  1. Seems like you know all the facts. Tiger is not a T20 player. They probably have him around to inspire the team . I applaud Amazon Warriors for considering him this time around. This is much better than what WI did to him.

  2. Ramnarine, I would have shake your hand if I was close to you. Can’t be better said. Now since you now have the support of most west Indians on that issue, why don’t you lead and Rally with us all and Boycott all three (3) Test Matches against the Australians. What a better way to send a message to Cameron and Lloyd?

  3. I am a Guyanese in the USA and I follow cricket. I agree with Ramnarine – this is BAD, really BAD! Lloyd should be blamed for not giving the guy a proper send off! I believe it is in the context that should he play, he may get the highest runs. Guyanese should remember.

  4. Tiger was a good player in his days , but come on the fella is all washed up ,tiger lost he “tripe” years ago, not even Bobby rate the guy to pay him a decent fee to play for the Amazon Warriors in the upcoming CPL , a lousy $10,000 for the great Tiga, compare to Sunil Narine who’s been paid $150,000 or Malinga $100,000, total disrespect for the great tiger.

  5. What a way to treat a great player. When players turned their backs on WI the tiger was always there. Very disrespectful. Only in the WI they do things like this.


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