Vincent Alexander debunks PPP/C Commissioners’ statement on elections

APNU Nominated Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Vincent Alexander
APNU Nominated Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Vincent Alexander

[] – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) nominated Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Vincent Alexander has debunked claims made by the People’s Progressive Party (PP) nominated Commissioners relative to the alleged irregularities with respect to the tabulation of the 2015 General and regional polls.

See below the full statement from Vincent Alexander.

As a Commissioner of GECOM, who was referred to as ‘one who voted in favor of the said declaration and publication of the said results’ in relation to which Chronicle and Guyana Times carried articles on Sunday, May 24th, 2015, which articles were sourced to a press release of Commissioners Mangar, Shaw and Gunraj, I find it necessary to respond, since the said news houses did not find it necessary or prudent to seek my comment on a matter that has more than one side or interpretation.

In response, I first wish to outline the system that was established for the transmission and tabulation of the results of the 2015 elections.

2299 results were to be determined at the places of poll and documented on statements of poll, copies of which were to be made available, immediately after the count, to the Presiding Officer, the Assistant Presiding Officer, the Counting Officer and the parties’ agents. Also, a copy was to be posted outside of the related polling station and enveloped copies sent to the Returning Officer (RO) via the Deputy Returning Officer and likewise a copy sent to the Chief Elections Officer (CEO). I am verily informed that this process was followed and am unaware that of any complaint in that regard, from any quarter.   The most critical point to note is that the three most relevant authorities (ROs, the CEO and the parties) should have been in possession of the original and identical statements of polls.

Two parallel counts were to be conducted: a count at the level of each RO, for the purpose of ten district/regional/constituency declarations and a count by the Information Technology (IT) unit after the statements bound for the CEO would have been delivered to GECOM, signed off on by at least two present Commissioners and transmitted to IT for tabulation, after which they should have been transmitted to the CEO`s office for custodial purposes.  

The CEO informed the Commission of his intention to conduct an independent tabulation, once the statements were delivered to his office, thus allowing him a comparator relative to the IT tabulation and the, eventually submitted, 10 declarations. The ten declarations were to be used as the bases for the CEO`s summative count; the calculation of the allocation of seats; and the presentation of a report to the Commission, for its approval, prior to the final declaration of results and allocation of seats.

In relation to what actually occurred, there has been no evidence or complaint that the statements of polls, which were delivered to the ROs, were corrupted. Each RO conducted a verification that involved the political parties and in no instance did the statements of polls used by the RO and those in the possession of the parties not correspond.

It is true that the PPPC sought to question approximately 34 statements in the case of District 4, but in no instance did they present original statements of polls as the basis for their contention. They presented a spread sheet, which purportedly reflected the statements of polls in the PPPC`s possession. In the specific case of District 4, they made those objections on Thursday through Friday and were requested to produce the evidence by Saturday May 16. They returned to the verification process on May 16 without the original statements of polls, thus leaving the RO with no alternative but make the declaration since the objection was not based on concrete evidence.

It was the CEO, whose statements of polls had passed through three different sets of officials before they got to him, who discovered corrupted/fake statements. Those statements were supposedly received, opened and recorded by Logistics; were signed off on by Commissioners; and data entered by IT before being delivered to the CEO. The CEO discovered documents that were not original documents. He also observed a disparity with the results on those documents as well as he observed some statements on which the votes cast were in excess of the divisional electoral rolls.

To his credit, the CEO brought this discovery to the attention of the Commission where it was decided that two a prong approach was to be used, in the circumstance. On one hand, it was decided that he would abandon the use of statements of polls that were directed to him through Logistics, Commissioners and IT, in that sequence and that he would have resorted to using the information from the ROs, which information would have been subjected the stakeholder scrutiny, primarily that of the political parties, for the purpose of determining the results. It was also agreed that the CEO would investigate the apparent corrupting of the system but not at the expense of delaying the production of credible results. It is on that basis that the CEO produced credible results that I and others felt comfortable with and approved.

The aforementioned responses to the, central, critical and fundamental, concerns raised by the three Commissioners in their press release and clears the air on the question of the credibility of the results, since the statements of polls originating from the ROs and eventually used by the CEO were not compromised or invalidated.

It should, however, be noted that the PPPC requested partial recounts in 4 districts even before the CEO made his revelation about corrupted statements. Those recounts were done in the presence of stakeholders, including the PPPC’s representatives and no differences with the recorded results were found. Subsequent requests for recounts, throughout the country, were denied on the ground that the verification process did not reveal any basis for such recounts, generally, and in the case of District 4, where objections were made, there were no evidential documents produced to justify the objections.

It should also be noted that a PPPC delegation also met with GECOM and argued the same case that had been argued at the level of District 4. On that occasion, they presented their spreadsheet with information extracted from 21 of their statements of polls and 21 falsified results, which they claimed were used by GECOM to tabulate the results in the stead of what was recorded on the original statements of polls. GECOM verified that it had not used the falsified results and that there was no difference between what GECOM used and what was recorded on the statements of polls presented by the PPPC. This finding was shown to representatives of the PPPC.

I am also still to be advised of the legal provision that provides for GECOM to undertake recounts after recounts would have been requested at the stages prior to, and after, the ROs’ declarations.

None of the above negates the need for the ongoing determination of the abandoned system that was corrupted. That process is ongoing and I eagerly await the findings. The above, however, explains why the exclusion of reports, emanating from IT, became essential, since IT was a segment of the corrupted pathway. To insist on its involvement would only have established bases for discrediting an otherwise sanitized system. For all intents and purposes, the CEO produced electronic results based on the uncorrupted and verified information, which he obtained from the ROs; and the manual report in the form of the actual district reports.

It should be mentioned that the previous CEO did not present two reports (electronic and manual) in 2011. There was no objection from at least one commissioner, who is now demanding that of the new CEO, although the CEO has fulfilled that requirement. It should also be noted that the information requested on May 20th is immaterial to the declaration. Similar requests in 2011 were denied the Commissioners, by the then CEO, pending the Chairman’s approval, which approval was granted weeks after the declaration and the swearing in of the former President. Even those, when provided, were riddled with errors and subsequently withdrawn and reissued well into a month after the declaration and swearing in.

I am also reminded that the PPPC or, as a matter of fact, any contestant has only one recourse at this time, which is to the court. In 2006 the AFC actually identified an error in the allocation of District 10 seats; brought it to the attention of the then CEO, Mr.Boodoo, who acknowledged, accepted and undertook to make amends, which he never did, thus forcing the AFC to approach the court. The matter was subsequently thrown out on procedural grounds while the PPPC for 5 years benefitted from a seat illegally allocated.

Mr. Editor it is my sincere hope that equal prominence is given to this letter as was given to the PPPC nominated Commissioners’ press release in Chronicle and Guyana Times.



  1. the strategy of international influence is to divide and rule nothing is real about the last election .the poor people are the ones who always suffer the consequences.

  2. If you are in power you can rigged an election, the other party cannot, if this happens those idiots that was in power needs to go

  3. How many people spoke if 100% of the people spoke that’s Unity. Western democracy
    can’t work with a one party in a country that is ONE of the reason why the West split up
    the ppp.the west don’t want to see any country doing better than them.that’s what happen to Guyana. Could any diplomat of Guyana tell USA,UK or Canada what to do
    Hell NO, we have to put our tail between our legs and do what they say they think they
    are the Masters

  4. nah navin no recount needed. Read what the three commissioners wrote and read what Mr. Alexander another commissioner wrote. Then comprehend Mr. Surjubally’s posture on this whole fiasco, Mr. Lowenfields final declaration and the subsequent swearing in of the Hon Exc. President and you will find your answer. Please don’t get sick after that discovery.

  5. Teach, wha kind a teacha yuh be? yuh doan know dat deh already get laws foh thiefing and accountability? All yuh get foh duh is foh carry yuh evidence to de police,teach, or forever hold yuh loose tongue. Yuh andastands mih?

  6. No no chintaman you need to re-read and then you will clearly understand. Further you will be shocked and aww went the investigated report is presented on that entire situation. I will leave this with you “the wicked attempts that were made to tarnish the elections results back fired on the wicked elements” You will so see.

  7. Its a shame that the PPP\C cannot come to grips with the fact that the populace has rejected their type of politics. The people are fed up and disgusted and are calling for their heads. The longest rope has an end and I think I know who is going to be held responsible for slipping in those documents with false figures. That was supposed to be their trump card for disrupting the declaration of the results. Thanks Gecom for putting the necessary things in place to circumvent these plotters plans.

  8. How can there be a recount of ballots??? Do you want to see the entire GECOM go to jail? They all came together and stole a whole country and the freedom of the people. It’s a sickening thing to deal with but it’s done. What’s the use of a recount when everything has been completely compromised? They might even end up with more votes than they had. There’s legal ways to deal with this. Let’s see howffar it will go. In the meantime all of the APNU supporters should apply for ministerial position. There’s space for all of them there.

  9. There is no people’s problem. The ppp are now realizing how many of their own people were secretly hating them. I want the new government to pass an accountability law and then take back all the stuff they stole and gave away. Especially from Lubumba.

  10. From the info I read there’s no one denying that statement of polls were not compromise & if that’s the case there’s no harm to recount the votes then whatever allegations are out there the Guyanese people will know who’s not telling the truth & let’s the chips fall where it supposed to be

  11. Who to believe ? Alexander or the three PPP?C Commissioners? Let’s have a recount of the ballot boxes to settle the matter ,

  12. we do understand your feelings but were there any fake sops everyone still want to know how the fake sops got in gecom can you kindly shed some light on this seems as if cat got gecom tongue but all is fair in love and war

  13. That is like placing the fox to guard the hen house, this debunking took quite a while to tabulate, and of course it yielded the expected results

  14. Man, look, Vincent Alexander skinned up the PPP via Gocool Boodhoo in 2011 and he has skinned up the PPP again via its three stooges, er, commissioners who relied on the PPP’s spreadsheet instead of the Returning Officers’ SOPs.

    Why is Vincent Alexander not a minister in the coalition government? He would have made a sterling contribution as Local Government Minister!

  15. Such clarity and exposition would still be ignored……..there is none so blind as he who does not want to see!


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