PPP/C wants recount of some ballots in all Regions

Keith Lowenfield, Chief Election Officer and Chairman of GECOM, Dr Steve Surujbally

By Jomo Paul

Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates of the PPP/C, Donald Ramotar and Elisabeth Harper
Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates of the PPP/C, Donald Ramotar and Elisabeth Harper

[www.inewsguyana.com] –Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Dr Steve Surujbally has revealed that the incumbent People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has requested that GECOM conduct a physical recount of hundreds of Statements of Poll from the 10 administrative regions.

Dr Surujbally told a news conference that for the recount to be conducted, the Body will have to physically return the ballot boxes to their respective districts where the recount will occur.

The Party has asked for a recount of sixteen ballot boxes in District One, ninety eight boxes in District Two, eight boxes in District  Eight; two hundred and seventy six boxes in District Four.

Despite these pronouncements, Dr Surujbally pointed out that the Commission is yet to decide whether it will proceed with the recounting of votes given that there are some legal ramifications that need to be clearly defined.

“I think it’s for everybody’s benefit” that a recount be undertaken.

When asked about a possible reason by the PPP/C for the recount, Dr Surujbally said that a number of reasons have been provided one of which was “the quantum of rejected ballots.”gecom

A number of international election observers and local observers have declared that the May 11 2015, General and Regional Elections were “free and credible.”

The High Commission of Canada in Guyana has described Monday’s elections as “smooth, credible, free and fair.”

A media release from the Commission one day after the May 11 regional and general elections stated that “it is important to remember that the only official results are those that are tabulated and issued by the designated, official elections body – GECOM.”

 Meanwhile, the APNU+AFC in a statement to the media said that the call for a recount by the ruling Party is nothing more than a delay tactic adding that it would be arbitrary to the People’s Representation Act.

“APNU+AFC affirms that this is contrary to section 83-89 of the Representation of the Peoples Act of the Laws of Guyana. APNU+AFC therefore regards the PPP/C’s call as a deliberate attempt to delay the declaration of the May 11th 2015 Polls and to frustrate the will of the people. APNU+AFC calls on the Guyana Elections Commission to resist that attempt by the PPP/C to further delay the declaration of the results of the poll and to make their declaration as required by the constitution of Guyana,” a press statement noted.



  1. if the law allow , for this criteria to be use then use it , like wise , the very law send court notice for former president jagdeo to attend court

  2. I don’t think their should be a recount because they will try to cheat the election also they already knows who are the winner but their afraid to loose the information this can cause serious problem in our country

  3. The final act of a desperate man…and party. Jagdeo is the reason why they are in this mess…people are fed up of the LIES and DECEIT and ARROGANCE!!!
    Too late…too late shall be the cry….

  4. I believe,GECOM should go ahead to inform the Guyanese populace of the results of the 2015 elections in their capacity as the Officials.The PPP/C to my mind has an agenda and is trying to stall the results from being declared.If,as it claims,it is leading by a very large margin,why now ask for a recount?does it not trust its representatives?

  5. Could someone, anyone, say whether the recounts would in any way change the 30,000 lead of the PPP/C? Recounts are ok, no? We wish to be 100 % accurate. Also, we would wish the lead to be higher,yes?

  6. Couldn’t be said more clearly…whats the hold-up if you have such a commanding lead and is this fair to the supporters of the party and the country?

  7. I just wanted to know if someone like. .let’s say an old person makes the line touch or go outside the box and that vote is not valid, then that’s bull shit. U can’t clearly see someone voting for the cup or the key and suggest otherwise. Give the people their vote man. All of this waiting is sickening. Children can’t go to school, people not going to work, business not opening as per normal and this frustration will boil over. We need to modernize this voting process.

  8. Can you imagine Usain Bolt at the top of his game leading a race and asking for a restart, this is what the PPPC is doing right now, saying they winning bit still asking for a recount, I kinda like expected that from APNU/AFC whom the PPPC says is loosing. Come on uncle Donald give the Guyanese ppl some amount of credit.


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