PPP recount request will delay results; Nandlall insists its legal

PPP Members, Dr Frank Anthony, Anil Nandlall and Priya Manickchand.

By Radha Motielall

PPP Members, Dr Frank Anthony, Anil Nandlall and Priya Manickchand.
PPP Members, Dr Frank Anthony, Anil Nandlall and Priya Manickchand.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The request for a recount of votes by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic will delay the final declaration of the results of the 2015 Regional and General Elections, according to PPP Executive member, Anil Nandlall, who told the media that “one of the consequences of a recount would be to prevent the final declaration…yes.”

The PPP/C is requesting a recount of a number of boxes in all Ten Administrative Regions of Guyana and according to Nandlall, what they are doing is exercising a legal right which the laws offers to all political parties and which is part of the electoral process.

He told a news conference at Freedom House that the 2015 elections are not yet over. He explained that elections are a three pronged process, and one which is “voting” has been completed. However, a second prong which involves checking the veracity, integrity and accuracy of the results is not yet over.

When this is completed then the third prong will be done, which is declaring the results. Meanwhile, there have been many reports and rumours about the possibility of an injunction blocking the final declaration.

But the PPP/C today stated that such a move is not yet considered. According to the party, an injunction in court is unnecessary at this time. When asked what could force the PPP/C to go to the court, Nandlal responded that “a billion things could go wrong”, but said that he wish not to speculate on those at this time.

He made it clear that “if there is a legal wrong, then a remedy will be sought”.

At this time the Party is focused on getting GECOM to heed its call for a recount, because as the Party noted that unless you request a recount the declaration becomes final.

Asked whether the irregularities which warranted their decision for a recount are so great that it could impact the final results, PPP/C Member Priya Manickchand responded: “I am not sure if it could have an effect on it that would be for our stats people”. She further explains though, that it could have an impact in the awarding of seats for the regions.

Her colleague, Dr. Frank Anthony says given the high number of rejected ballots, it is possible that the votes for the PPP/C could increase.



  1. People, there are still 490 boxes to count. The region / area is important. Are these from the traditional PPP strongholds? The Opposition strongholds? Remember, the margin is a mere 43 votes…. ! This can go either way….
    Mr. Granger did declare 182,000
    Mr. Ramotar declared 182,000
    Mr. Trotman finally declared 190,000 …
    GECOM said 157, 000 … Margin favoring the opposition is 43 votes.
    490 boxes to go… Now pick sense from nonsense and wait on GECOM.
    Recounts request were made originally for regions 1, 2, & 8
    (These request will finally be denied). … Will it end up before theCJ?
    Think of the above. Sobering thoughts, yes? no? PPP playing ‘possum?
    Opposition tally 100 % certain? Ahhh! Too much tension! Never Again!!

  2. A request for a recount must be made within 24 hrs of the close of poll.
    Such a request must have a good reason.
    The request must be made to the Returning Officer. It is this officer who decides whether the request is reasonable and who issue the necessary instructions.
    GECOM cannot GO and act on this via the Chairman or other Officers.
    ….. Mr. Nandalall, have these conditions been met?
    By the way, why do you really need a re count if you have won? Request it after the declaration-Mr. Carter said you could do this Afterward.

  3. PPP out like south…they got a leg-by wicket last election which d 3rd umpire could not see clearly on d big screen but this time it’s a clean stump…n d whole world is watching and waiting for d umpire to raise his finger….Go GECOM Go….we hey waiting patiently but this time let it be known we don’t need a 3rd umpire…we all saw d stumps fly out….omg…it really feels good from seeing the wicket so clearly from this angle….No need for recount…instead try countout or countdown!!!! Guyana stay alert and focus…watch the government offices keenly, things are shifting as results r delaying.

  4. Because of reports of irregularities and storming of polling places and intimidation of scrutineers and rejection of valid ballots – and you know the rest. Don’t stifle your rotten conscience.

  5. The PPP has a right to ask for a recount if they see something went wrong. If it was a case where the apnu had ask for the same,would you object?

  6. Nandalall “Batty” Biting, the new government should seize their assets both foreign and local, and jail them for corruption.

  7. The writing is on the wall, judgement day is now for the PPP.ABC countries will not help you.

  8. Yesterday Ramotar claimed victory so why a need for a recount? I guess what you folks should be doing is trying to regroup,expell this very man who is holding a press conference for his criminal conversation, Jagdeo,and that same feral blaster. The gig is up Guyanese were indicating to you people in 2011 of their dissatisfaction of your corrupt practices, yet it fell on deaf ears. This is your end results, accept it and move the Hell on. A recount cannot help you bunch of unredeemable bastards.

  9. True.. That’s so true. I guess it’s always better to remove the current satisfied leeches and then subsequently replace them with the starving ones, that will then proceed to suck even more blood so as to ‘put themselves right’. I’m being sarcastic by the way, just incase you didn’t realise. And really – ‘buy time to manipulate the results’… Do you even understand that you yourself are suggesting that GECOM and its staffers are inept?

  10. In cricket they the selectors say that they want to put out their best eleven players in field. In the interest of this country, we need to have the 65 best politicians representing GUYANA! There needs to be input from each of the main political parties, however as is evident, there is no give and take between none of the politicians. Each with his or her own ideology of what best suits firstly their interest then that of the populace comes in after. Guyana does need change you are correct, but it does also need guidance. Guyana’s change at the political level should move away from the individualistic and scare tactic being used by all parties at election time. Not once has any of the politicians advise this nation on how they intend to fix issues, they’ve all made a bunch of promises without showing how those promises will be made, where the funds are going to come from and now we intend to pay that money back. It’s all been a bunch of rhetoric and we must move away from this kind of politics if we are to mature as a nation. One thing to remember, whoever wins this election, we the pawns that have been used must continue to play this game of chess, black and white! Check mate!

  11. You dumb people; a recount is done after results have been published and the numbers for the two opposing parties are too close to call. Recounts are never done when no one knows what the first count was.
    The Guyana PPP/C government have half a brain working. This is the action of a dictatorial government, its’ all a power play.

  12. The people of Guyana need a change, and the time is now!!! Lets give the APNU-AFC a chance to prove themselves.

  13. Why Nandlall don’t shut the f#@k up…im so sick of these morons bumping their gums all the time. The whole country is so sick of these leeches…sucking the life blood out of Guyana. People are going to get more and more livid as they try to buy time to manipulate the results….

    are they saying that GECOM and its staffers are inept?

  14. This is Pure bull shit. If they had won as they (PPP) claim why the recount. This is a delay for mischief. They lost and can’t accept it. Ppl are waiting on gecom to announce the result. I see a drowning dog clutching a straw. Concede defeat and let’s move on. PPP must refresh in opposition.


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