Guyana holds its breath 36+ hours after close of polls


By Jomo Paul

The sign on one of the stores in Georgetown. [iNews' Photo]
The sign on one of the stores in Georgetown. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – More than 36 hours after the 2,299 polling stations across the country closed polls for the General and Regional Elections of May 11, 2015, Guyana is still holding its breath eagerly anticipating the announcement of the results from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Guyana has a history of post-election violence which are usually politically charged as political factions have a tendency of challenging the results of the elections as announced by GECOM.

Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Ramesh Persaud has already said that the “business community is very nervous” as he reflected on Guyana’s not so attractive history with respect to polls.

Regent Street. [iNews' Photo]
Regent Street. [iNews’ Photo]
He made the statement in the context that there was a civil unrest in South Sophia – a rural part of Georgetown on the night of May 11 which saw millions of dollars in personal property being torched.

Indeed for a place that is always a traffic nightmare and happens to be Guyana’s commercial central, – Regent Street on Wednesday May 13 appeared quite desolate with sparse vehicles on the road.

Close 2Several businesses as observed by iNews Guyana were closed which is out of the norm. Other businesses had extra security on hand and had taken a series of other noticeable precautionary measures.

Some parents have stopped sending their children to school hoping the eerie atmosphere of tension would blow over and things return to the norm, but until then – no school.

Adding to the growing dissent, the incumbent People’s Progressive Party/Civic has called for a recount of the ballots at some of the polling stations in all 10 of the electoral districts.close 5

The main challenger for the government post, APNU+AFC has said that the call for a recount is nothing more than a delay tactic.

GECOM for its part has already stated that it would need proper legal consultation on whether or not they can proceed with the recounting of the ballots.

While all of the Statements of Poll have been received by GECOM, they has not yet been processed. The nation now tensely awaits the final results from the election body.




  1. The chairman for Gecom should take a math class. The PPP should start packing.
    I was a PPP supporter and I gave up on them a long time.

  2. PPP/c need to put on their big panties and concede the elections. The people spoke they want a new government. They have been telling them all along with the outrage they felt with brazzy, Bobbie, and jagdeo. Smile and Beri. The PPP/c did not listen so they paid the ultimate price lost of an election.

  3. it’s so unfortunate that the one side would not be able to give up the power that they have for the best interest of the people of guyana you have to give up everyone a chance to see what changes can be made to make our country better

  4. This is unbelievable a country that have less than half of one million people and can’t count the votes in 24 hrs whatever is needed let get the numbers

  5. This level of incompetence by GECOM is another reason why independence was wrong for Guyana. These fools can’t even count less than 400,000 votes in over 36 hours in 2015 and be neutral on who has won or lost. They should all be fired and never permitted to hold any tax payer funded job.
    Guyana should be divided in two = A Communist State for the PPP and a Capitalist State for all others once and for all. Only then we will cleanse our politics from dictators. It will be really interesting to see how many PPP supports will go with them. ABC countries will not make the same mistake twice, the PPP will never rule Guyana again.

  6. I think these people is really going over board. They knew from Monday night they had lost, but power and good life not easy for them to let go of. At some point they will have to, Guyana does not belongs to them neither the people of Guyana, come on people face reality. Act like big people want what kind of count over ,Mr Granger u’all stand up for what is right don’t give them such priviledge


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