PPP rejects invitation to Independence Day ceremony


DSC_4731[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has rejected an invitation to take part in the celebrations organised for Guyana’s 49th Anniversary of Independence set for Tuesday May 26.

The Party said it will will be observing the Guyana’s Independence anniversary on May 26th, at a grand public meeting to be held at Port Mourant, Corentyne.                                      

“The Party fully considered the invitation and has decided that in light of a series of unsavoury, undemocratic and unpopular developments over the past week and today that it will not participate in the wreath-laying event,” a release from Freedom House said on Monday.

According to the Party, on its assumption to office in 1992, the PPP brought back the observance of Independence to the status of a national event and the celebration of a national holiday.

“Since then the anniversary has been observed every year by the PPP/C administration and the people of Guyana at all ten administrative regions of the Republic. It was the PNC regime that downgraded the anniversary to a non-event relegating it to virtual obscurity throughout the land,” the release stated.                          

PPP is claiming that the defacto (President) Granger-led administration’s” wreath laying event is therefore the mere re-branding of the event against the background of a number of undemocratic developments.”

This year’s Independence celebrations are a deviation from the norm with a wreath laying ceremony scheduled for the Independence Arch on Brickdam and a grand celebration at the National Stadium on May 26.




  2. It takes one to set it off. When would we stop with all the anger and names calling? Does it make sense? We are adults ( well that’s what I think).

  3. Imagine them calling them-self Guyanese….an event that should have all of us standing together, still show complete division and bad mind. Adding to all this you still have negative minded people that will never see the light of day more or likely because they have kisses asses before just to get by…(Suck yah-self is a famous statement in Jamaica )

    Mr.David A. Granger just do what you have to, because you will forever have enemies,make Guyana a better place.

    One People,One Nation,One Destiny

  4. all these people know is to sport since they rig the election all they are doin is partying that is what they are known for in the next five years from now we will be lining up for flour again . look how many minister they have wonder where is joey I think they will give him a cut of the pie, but I did not see his name any where

  5. Gdhoyte he is still in shock!! He will come out of it, they still sleeping. 23 yrs of crime dont pay, for a lot of them in the ppp who rape the Bank of guyana ,lotto,and every account they touch, its over, so forgive them all. The people of Guyana will unite, the lines must be long to get VISA,,and backtrack,,,HAHA

  6. This is the same reason the SPOIL children are out of government, they will never learn, DONT BITE THE HAND THAT FEED U,but on a second thought they had NO respect for the laws,all the ppl,and they the PPP thought of 1ppl they own at freedom house, they are right not to show up,they rape the country enough,independence they were dependent on MONEY, DRUGS,LAWLESS acts,
    Give them a broom and tools to help clean the city just like they clean out every account they touch,,these Shameless criminals,,these ppl make Burnham look like the POPE,,

  7. Car why don’t you take a drive. Regardless of your opinion you are more than guilty of racial devide. President Ramotar that was a great decision. We don’t want nothing to do with no fraudsters. God is good. See the rain falling. Have any of you had the pleasure of smelling a wet dog…lol.

  8. You can think how you want Guyana will move on with out the PEE PEE PEE SO SMOKE THAT

  9. The above persons are so bitter. I will pray that God will take away all this bitternerness and vindictiveness from you and strive to allow us to live as one people, one nation and one destiny. Long live Guyana.

  10. This is childish behavior of Ramotar and his PPP cabals this type of action shows of power angry and stupility and must not be condone by right minded citizens. Supporters be the judge don’t be fooled by those cowards you have for leaders the would lead you to a trap to nowhere and in the end you would be the losers.

  11. LOL ….,.but we save Guyana from the kleptomaniacs that cease to be legitimate since 2011…..LOL

  12. If this behavior was not so sad it would be laughable. Are these people adults or children? This is a repeat of the little boy who got bowled out and his friends would not allow him to bat again, so he left with his ball. Give them a napkin to wipe the tears away. This power must be very intoxicating. This behavior is frightening. Run home to your mammy Port Mourant Romotar. This is not an excellent move, its embarrassing!!!

  13. PPP rejects invitation to Independence Day ceremony::
    PPP and their main core supporters dont belonged there anyways since the British didnt want the PPP in the scheme of things when it comes to independence.

  14. Who cares? Ramotar, your attempt to create civil disturbances and racial divide, is duly noted. Your behavior is that of a terrorist. You and Jagdeo, have deceived your own people, and you are relying on sympathy from the oppressed, but they are smarter than you realize. The world is aware of the crimes Jagdeo carried out against the Guyanese people, the murders orchestrated by Roger Khan, and you turned a “blind eye”. While you may believe that your actions are, of a man who’s been cheated, the deception started a long time ago, with Jagdeo, Khan, and others, and it’s come back to bite you in the proverbial backside. Keep marching brother, it’s your right, but you and your PPP’s reign of Terror and Tyranny has come to an end. Mr. Crum-Ewing and others who died fighting for fairness, justice, human rights ,accountability, from you and your former Administration, are watching and smiling.
    God be Praised.

  15. Its all a pappy show and nothing more. I support the PPP to stay away from this counterfeit event put on by an illegal government. 27 Ministers, 4 Vice Presidents, a Prime Minister and a President. No need for former Presidents. The current regime is illegal.

  16. It’s a very excellent move by his Excellency Mr. Ramotar, our legal President, to have his meeting at Port Mourant. Let them hooligans sport and spend our savings. Them can’t save !


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