GuySuco unable to pay staff

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guysuco[] – The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) and the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) says it was informed that the Corporation is unable to pay senior and junior staffers of the sugar industry for this month – May 2015.

A joint release from GAWU and NAACIE stated that this may lead to termination of its operations which would mean that all employees – waged and salaried – except security personnel would not be provided with work from (Sunday) May 31, 2015.

The news was related to the unions by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), Dr. Rajendra Singh.

The CEO also advised the Unions that the Government has been apprised of the situation.

In the media release, GAWU and NAACIE says it, “believes that the ceasing of operations by the Corporation would further jeopardize the state of the industry and impact negatively on some 16,000 workers of the industry.”

The two unions are now calling on the new Government to ensure the continuation of the industry’s operation at this crucial time.



  1. I think President Granger should liquidate all the PPP assets to pay those cane cutters. The PPP has robbed the treasury to fulfill their greedy pleasures, now their is no money left in the treasury. The PPP is a band of theives and ware wolves . Mr. President sell their mansions and prado to pay the workers. we have had enough with these merciless political burglars

  2. what happen, GUYSUCO run bankrupt….PPP whey all GUYSUCO money dey…GAWU, tell the former gov’t to bring back all GUYSUCO money…….

  3. Advice
    1. The Govt has no option but to bail the company out
    2. Launch a forensic audit the same type that Robert agreed to and back peddled when chris accepted the challenge.
    3.Any improprieties should be dealt with criminally
    4. Fire Raj Singh/ Send on Administrative leave
    5. Recruit new pppl to manage the industry.

  4. I smell SABOTAGE! how the Hell you allow people to work, almost throughout the whole month, and not be aware you’ll not be able to pay them. The accounts department on vacation? Here’s someone else to put on Administrative leave, do a thorough investigation, then fire all of them. DISGRACEFUL!

  5. Did Nagamoottoo promised cane cutters the land to mind talapia or do whatever they want with it? Lets see if the new government is interested in pumping 20 B $$ into it..

  6. This was coming in a long time… The PPP through their control of the executive moved around cash and avoided this month after month.
    The inquiry is now required more than ever.
    Firstly how are the Indians there paid?
    Secondly how is Raj sing paid?
    Thirdly who of the many suppliers are paid first?
    Fourthly how is the South Africian that is trying to put Skedlon back together been paid.
    A pattern of deceit and deception will become obvious.

    Keith the Burrowes used to lend Guysuco money from the HIV money , lots of money. These ppl were running this country like it was there personal property.

    I must say that Raj Singh management style is fully comical. He has surrounded himself with a number of yes men who cannot represent themselves in the business and professional world.

    Check expenditure on his house and personal welfare. He has two vehicles at his disposal. Two corporals per shift 24/7 day.
    There are no consideration for the financial health of the company.
    Any one who shows intelligence and forward thinking he does not want around. His per diem when he was the travelling chairman was 1000 us day and he stayed at the pegasus when they refused the CE acting to stay in the house at Ogle.

    Oh and least i forget where are all the Guysuco security that worked at Donald’s house in Ogle.

    They destroyed Guysuco and should now be investigated and pay the consequences


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