Greenidge, Sydney Allicock sworn in as Vice Presidents

Vice President Carl Greenidge
Vice President Carl Greenidge
Vice President Carl Greenidge and President David Granger

[] – Recently appointed Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge and Indigenous People’s Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock were on Monday May 25 sworn in as Vice Presidents under the APNU+AFC administration.

This is according to a GINA release which stated “taking the oath of office, as Vice Presidents, were Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge and Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs Sydney Allicock. Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo was sworn in as First President, and Minister of National Security, Khemraj Ramjattan was appointed second Vice President”

Vice President Syndey Allicock and President David Granger

Greenidge was a former Finance Minister under the People’s National Congress (PNC) government while Allicock is the leader of the Guyana Action Party (GAP).

This now brings the number of Vice Presidents in the APNU+AFC government up to four. On the campaign trail the coalition had said it will have three Vice Presidents while in Office.

Meanwhile, Dawn Hastings was also sworn in as the Minister within as the Ministry of Communities headed by Ronald Bulkan.



  1. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on let’s hustle up and empty the treasury that the PPP has left full.
    I think Granger should name two more vice President just in case Nagamootoo and Ramjattan took ill and died suddenly?
    PNC will soon get thirty three Ministers.

  2. Naga is a great and upstanding man that’s why he left the bunch of loney thieves, remember ramotrie he was the man in front of jaggie ,he didn’t have a backbone (if the president was here he would have slapped you west dem)

  3. This is the first time in history of any country in the world to have 4 VP all at the same time. This is nothing but a joke. Burham legacy is coming alive again. Which of the four will be held accountable for pitfall? Lord in heaven knows.

  4. Naga done get bamboozled from the time Grangarr hire Harmon to watchman he..
    Picture this:::Harmon has more power than Naga..
    De accord done breached..Naga has power on Paper only>>> Same as Ramjattan since the new security dept will take care of him ..It aint hit them as yet that they are now PAPER TIGERS..

  5. more vice presidents- is this CNS channel 12 we are looking at. Granger matches Jim Carey.

  6. Please let the President putting down bib overhead water tans will help water pressure even the the big ground tanks will help water situation with lift pumps

  7. Somebody! Anybody! Please explain to me what is going on. I am so confused right now it’s hilarious. I can’t catch my breath. Help me please! I just can’t stop laughing. Come on CRAPNU supporters. ..don’t be so serious. ..have a laugh at yourselves. LMFAO!!!!!

  8. What is becoming of this Nation. Can Granger substantiate the need for 4 Vice Presidents. Is this another broken promise.

    Where is Naga in all of this. Will he become a Prime Minister without backbones.


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