Independence Day messages from political parties, civil society


People’s Progressive Party

Dance (1)The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) salutes the people of Guyana on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the attainment of independence from Great Britain.

The PPP is proud of the role it has played in the struggle for a free and  independent Guyana. Indeed, it was the PPP that led the struggle for a free and independent Guyana under the charismatic and dynamic leadership of Dr. Cheddi Jagan.

Regrettably, the celebrations are taking place in an environment in which the democratic rights of the Guyanese people to elect a government of their choice are once again trampled upon by the defacto Granger-led APNU+AFC regime which has been foisted on this nation by way of electoral fraud.

The PPP is also concerned over the attempts that are being made to divert the true meaning and significance of independence by meaningless fanfare and extravaganza in order to lend legitimacy to the fraud which took place on May 11. This day will be remembered with shame down the corridors of time.

The PPP takes this opportunity to reiterate its unwavering determination to protect our hard won democracy and the democratic and constitutional gains scored by the Party over the decades.

The right to vote which we all take for granted today was fought for and won by the PPP in the early 1950’s. Its remains a lasting scar on our national psyche that this right was stolen by the PNC for 28 years (from 1968 to 1992) and has once again rear its head in the recent elections which coincidence with our independence day celebrations.

To add salt to the injury, David Granger is now using Independence day to inaugurate himself as President with great pomp and fanfare at taxpayer expenses.

Be that as it may, the PPP extends best wishes to the Guyanese people on this important milestone. The PPP takes this opportunity to call on all Guyanese to intensify the struggle to protect our democracy which is under threat.


Guyana Trades Union Congress

GTUC congratulates nation on independence and new leadership

As Guyana celebrates its 49th anniversary of independence from colonial rule, the spirit of freedom and cooperation that hallmarked our original struggles, feelings of joy and liberation have once again been properly reignited. Independence for Guyana also speaks to several significant developments in our nation’s history apart from the symbolic date when it was granted. It speaks to a period of united struggles against a colonial master. It also speaks to a fractured period of our political history, when those who were united became divided by different ideological perspective for nation building that led to a separation and colonial preference of one over another.

The struggle for independence, while arduous, does not come anywhere close in comparison to the task that followed after independence was granted. This then became the prime responsibility of the Forbes Burnham led PNC government. For they were the ones entrusted by the colonial masters with the stewardship of the newly independent British colony. Theirs was the task to mould a nation, to lay the building blocks, the foundation upon which our nation would grow and develop socially, economically, culturally and politically.

And it is with this recognition that our motto One People, One Nation, One Destiny becomes relevant. A young nation with six peoples of diverse heritage, values and culture influenced by experiences of slavery, indenture-ship, the entrepreneurs of human cargo  had to find common ground upon which they could unite, peacefully co-exist and work in harmony to build a nation, where all can enjoy fundamental liberties of freedom, justice and democracy.

While independence is a landmark, the gains of independence are best preserved in the advancement of our political maturation and democratic growth. The independence gained on 26th May 1966 is best protected by advancement of socio-economic and political structures and cultures in our environment to safeguard and further develop our freedoms. Independence requires good governance- accountability, inclusion, cohesion, people being able to work together to advance national interest, preserve and create laws that would protect the people of this nation.

In retrospect the elections could not have occurred at a better time. The initial response of the people to this newly elected government says it all. Freedom, free at last, thank God Almighty we are free at last. GTUC congratulates the nation on independence and the new government that was elected on May 11th.  The GTUC looks forward to ushering a period of deepening our democracy and nation building and in this regard is prepared to offer strategic support and continue its impartial and critical review of the management of the nation’s affairs. May the spirit and freedom of this period transcend our growth and development as One People, One Nation, One Destiny.


Guyana Agricultural Workers Union

As Guyana nears half a century as an independent state, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) is pleased to join with all Guyanese to celebrate this exciting and landmark anniversary in our history.

We need to recall, at this time, that there was near absolute consensus amongst our then leaders that we needed to shed the Constitutional and other chains with which we were then wrapped. Independence brought us and we joyfully welcomed our new status as citizens of Guyana, no longer colonial subjects tied to a “mother” country. It also brought heavy responsibilities for a free and prosperous future. The onus was now ours to chart our own course and it was recognized it needed to be strengthened by economic independence and social justice. Those objectives had to be attained and sustained.

GAWU feels certain that the attainment of Independence, which we fought for, made us proud as a people. Since independence we have moved forward. There are successes in several fields nationally and at the international level our country has earned recognition and respect. Our democratic culture which resurfaced over twenty (20) years ago, still, today faces new challenges and threats. Notwithstanding, the trials and setbacks the nation experienced and, will face, there are also very many significant achievements as we overcome the negative legacy of colonialism.

The GAWU is aware that several key objectives are yet to be reached. One of these is our economic sovereignty which we see as crucial to safeguard our political independence especially in the context and circumstances that we see unfolding in today’s world.

The prospects for our country to grow and develop remain encouraging and we need to tackle the various tasks before us in a collective and united spirit. In this respect, our people, especially our working people needs to be encouraged and become involved in the decision-making levels of our society.

As we celebrate this historic anniversary, GAWU urges that we all recognize that we have a responsibility to let our democratic culture prevail. It is one of the strong strands that binds our nation and makes it united and free.

Happy Independence Anniversary to all Guyanese!


From Al-Mustafa Islamic Trust (AMIT)

Although it has been more than a week since His Excellency President David A. Granger has sat on the presidency’s seat, heartiest congratulations from Al-Mustafa Islamic Trust (AMIT) still pours in. AMIT, a Shia Muslim Trust based in Guyana that serves to promote a peaceful, harmonious yet religious society, acknowledges that President Granger is a principled yet honourable President for the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and that they expect humble goodness resulting in the indiscriminate benefit of all the communities’ nationwide.

Gracious happy wishes also blush from AMIT to the country’s population as they celebrate their 49th Independence Anniversary. They sincerely acknowledge that it was indeed a great relief to take breaths of our own hard work resulting in our own benefit and to escort ourselves from the ‘British Oppression’ to the whole nation.

They hoped and prayed that Almighty Allah would grant His Excellency and all the hardworking individuals in his Government to achieve great success and a leading role in the world



  1. So sad that the PPP brain dead message is sent
    out for there zombie followers, who are less than 20% of Guyanese.Those thinking PPP followers, will soon show the brain dead, hardliners, that they want change in the leadership offof thePPP so they can rebuild and make the PPP return to the honest , incorruptible, pragmatic party it was when your founder leader, Dr Cheddi Jagan created the party.
    Ask his children , all of them if this is the PPP Dr Jagan would have been part of iff he was alive. .So sad.


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