PPP initiates National Conversation on indiscipline in Guyanese Society


By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) at its weekly press conference initiated a national conversation on indiscipline in the Guyanese society  and called on all citizens to rid their communities of the growing prevalence of indiscipline which is affecting its social fabric.

In this regard, Junior Finance Minister and PPP Member of Parliament Juan Edghill called for a more active approach and greater partnership to arrest the issue.

“Government has and will never solve all the problems but with tangible partnership much can be achieved… collectively we can make a difference,” he said, adding that “there is too much duplicity in standards from public figures.”

He said the party views with alarming concern the increased general tendency to disregard laws, customs and norms in several section of the society. The Minister added that the PPP also recognizes the monumental challenge to revert such indiscipline since political leaders are guilty of encouraging same. “Some opposition members publicly encourage this indiscipline while claiming that they are committed to law and order,” Edghill added.

Edghill further called on political and religious leaders to come up with suggestions on how to move forward and recommended that the suggestions address firstly the issue of indiscriminate dumping.

He told reporters present that they too have a role to play in fostering the national conversation with the existing norm where dialogue takes place in the media.



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