PPP continues protest in front GECOM’s office

Former Prime Minister, Sam Hinds (center) on the picket line. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Protesters outside of GECOM. [iNews' Photo]
Protesters outside of GECOM. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) continued its protest action in front the headquarters of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Monday, June 01, calling for the elections body to conduct a comprehensive recount of the May 11 General and Regional Elections and for GECOM’s Chairman Dr Steve Surujbally to demit office.

Close to two hundred protesters led by members of the PPP’s Executive marched in a circular shouting for a recount of their votes. iNews spoke to a few of the protesters who seemed general ignorant of the elections process and on what grounds a recount can be constituted.

Former Prime Minister, Sam Hinds (center) on the picket line. [iNews' Photo]
Former Prime Minister, Sam Hinds (center) on the picket line. [iNews’ Photo]
One woman in a very hostile tone said “no comment” when questioned by media operatives while another shouted that she just wanted her vote to be counted.

“We come here to know where is our vote…that is why we come here…all the protests I am here and PPP never lose an election in their life and the 2015 election is not a fair and a clean election and we need justice,” said one woman.

When questioned about her claims against the backdrop that the International and Local observers would have declared the elections “free and fair,” the woman responded that “all the observers knock one head, we don’t need that,” while a male protester proffered “It’s a cook up between GECOM, the APNU+AFC and the international observers and Surujbally is the biggest crook, he needs to go…animals are dying and they need help.”

PPP Executive Member, Anil Nandlall speaking to reporters. [iNews' Photo]
PPP Executive Member, Anil Nandlall speaking to reporters. [iNews’ Photo]
PPP member, Romel Roopnarine when asked whether he believes it is impossible for the PPP to lose a free and fair elections, explained that “I am not saying that it is impossible but we are saying what is wrong with a recount? Why wouldn’t GECOM want to conduct a recount by simply opening 22 boxes?”

Meanwhile, PPP Executive Member, Anil Nandlall explained to iNews that the PPP’s petition to contest the results of the elections in the court of law “is being prepared” and can be expected “very soon.”

“The petition will be a comprehensive challenge in which we will have all the orders,” said Nandlall.

When questioned about the fact that International Observers have said there is no evidence to support the Party’s claim, Nandlall pointed out that “photocopies of Statements of Poll along with a spread sheet were provided to GECOM…so I don’t know how this contention is now arising.”




  1. They cared not about families they left us in the cold, they robbed , stole and tortured many , they practiced race hate and hoped to control the state, they treated this nation as if it was their cake shop, they are criminals who should be separated from the population , their presence will bring diaster to this nation , they will sabotage our economy even further, don’t be afraid to take punitive action for the wrongs they have carrid out against the people of Eldorado, jail dem pirates and buccaneers, dem old thieves , Sam betta guh home an res he self before he an all put an wan pumpkin jumpsuit.

  2. How the majority of these people could afford to be on the road every day and not at work; makes one wonder if their funding is coming from the missing 154 million Guysuco money! Someone needs to query that!

  3. Forget recount and tell us why Elisabeth Harper is not on the picket line, but Sam Hinds is, despite being dumped in favor of Harper. And the irony is that Hinds is supposed to be a Civic representative and not a PPPite.

    The PPP needs a rebirth.

  4. What is the legal basis for a full or nationwide recount? Is it based solely on the purported losing party demanding a full recount, or is it based on Gecom’s official declaration and gazetted results that may contain discrepancies that can be legally challenged?

    The SOPs signed off by Returning Officers and representatives of each contesting party are the legal documents from which the final declaration is drawn, and since all the PPPs representatives had no problems signing off, then Gecom is on safe ground producing a final result using SOPs approved by PPP representatives in the field.

    The PPP has never once disagreed with any of its representatives in the field, and that is very instructive in countering the party’s demand for a full recount. The PPP has no legal basis for a recount and is on a fishing expedition, hoping to catch a break but winding up catching hell!

  5. The demographics have changed. Race does not guarantee a win. There are about 10% Natives, 18% mixed and about 30% Africans. That leaves 42% Indians and that is the census from 2002. The new census will show an increase of the natives and mixed and a decline in the Indians because of migration. Depending on a single race for total support and alienating the others as jadgeo did is a recipe for losing as this election shows.

  6. These people are not only intellectually bankrupt but unashamed in their ridiculous behaviour…..if the bunch of them were educated enough they would return to parliament and work towards assisting their ignorant and brainwashed flock who accept thieving, corruption, nepotism, racism and not improving their lot as a given.
    The PPP lost, there is no conspiracy just a larger percentage of opposition voices who had enough of their embarrassing and low rent behaviour and retarded policies.

  7. These thieves want to put them hands on the oil money ,no way we need change in govt, fresh air ,too much of one thing is good for nothing ,x23 years is enough,time to go ,fair or un fair ,people picky paaty is lawless ,disrespectful ,from top to bottom ,too much corruption ,they should stay away from parliament ,cause they gon take them dutty ness there ,and mess up the parliament ,all the good people left the party ,cause them can reckon them wicked way

  8. Pee pee pee u lie .u evil u dutty u wicked ,u lawless ,u corrupt. U racial .can find words to discribe these devils

  9. Why not do a recount if requested. The percentage of alledged win is very small and in such as case a recount is automatic in the USA. The votes are just a handful – do a recount to satisfy the otherside, and that should have already done if the winning side is confident of their win. I also agree the PPP should never lose an election because the people in Guyana vote on race and majority of the East Indian race support the PPP. Good luck Guyana.

  10. This protest is a farce, what the PPP is hoping for is a ground swell of support, which will not materialize. Most people have already moved on and Guyana feels like an evil omen has been removed; more like a gush of fresh air. These clowns should be seeking gainful employment instead of feeding at the Govt. trough.

  11. I suggest the PPP come to grips with the fact that the people wanted a change
    and they voted for it and give Guyana a fair chance to settle down and progress In other words join the development drive if you sincerely love Guyana

  12. I believe,it will do the PPP/C good to find themselves in Parliament in the position it holds as Opposition.No amount of protests will change the situation.CHANGE HAS COME.GUYANA HAS WON.

  13. The PPP is pushing the envelope to force the results to be changed in their favor. The reasons they give is PPP never lost an elections is poppycock. They lost many elections they just stole them and claim victory. They are trying to do the same now. It will not pass.

    The other reason is, the IT report was not used. What a piece of $h*t. What is IT some magical tool with divine powers identify truth. It is an arithmetical engine which speed up manual calculation. To valid its arithmetic is correct a manual check is needed. To validate the manual input are correct, it need manual intervention. This is what the CEO did. He removed errors and did a manual check. The IT system does not operate by itself it needs manual intervention. the PPP commissioners basis for now approving the results and calling out the PNC commissioner is totally hogwash. They are creating a crisis out of sheer crap to appease their supporters a political purpose i.e. civil war. This is called political sabotage.

    The PPP started to distribute to their families and supporters the national treasures before the elections. They figured out that they will loose.When the results came out the trumped up a narrative for their supporters to justify future economic and political action. It is followed by political and economic sabotage. They all should be charged for it and sent to jail for treason.

  14. Sour grapes. The biggest fear is the Granger administration uncovering all the thieving and corruption the PPP buried. After living in the lap of luxury for 23 years it will be hard to adjust to a cell.


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