Some public schools to remain closed on June 2


flood 1[] – The Ministry of Education is advising parents and guardians that some schools will remain closed on Tuesday June 02, 2015, Additionally, CSEC candidates of the Annandale Secondary School are asked to note that their examinations will be written at the Annandale Primary School on Tuesday June 02, 2015.

The following schools are expected to be closed:


  1. South Road Nursery


  1. Headstart Nursery


  1. Albouystown Nursery


  1. St. Agnes Primary
  2. Gacestock Primary
  3. Queenstown Secondary
  4. Sophia PIC


East Coast Demerara:


  1. Annandale Secondary


  1. Chateau Margot Primary


  1. Montrose Primary


  1. Vryheid’s Lust Primary


  1. North Vryheid’s Lust Nursery


  1. St. Paul’s Primary


  1. Ogle Nursery


  1. Plindola Nursery


  1. Better Hope Nursery


  1. Prince William Street Nursery
  2. Annandale Primary


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