‘Jostle & bustle’ continues amid receding flood waters in GT


By Jomo Paul

IMG_1282[1][www.inewsguyana.com] – Despite recent rains inundating parts of Georgetown and several areas along Guyana’s coast at the weekend, the normal ‘jostle and bustle’ of being in the capital city continued unabated on Monday, June 01 as shoppers moved from store to store and vendors tried to attract possible customers.

Even so, several businessmen were counting their losses as flood waters had seeped into their entities before receding. One businessman, who was bailing water from his store, explained that his losses amounted to hundreds of thousands.

Despite the losses, the businessman explained that he is grateful that the water drained off the land in an expedient manner since he would have sustained more damages had it not been alleviated.

However, it should be noted that most of the roadside vendors who usually occupy the paves of Regent Street were not out to tend their businesses today but some braved the flood waters selling umbrellas and a variety of other items including raincoats.Regent street 3

One taxi driver explained that since the rains have begun, he has been making more money. School children were also seen walking the streets as they made their way home having arrived at school only to be informed that school had been canceled for the day.

Regent streetMeanwhile, the National Weather Watch centre has predicted that there will be frequent showers and light rain over Regions 7, 8, coastal and near inland areas, while other areas can expect occasional showers. Thunderstorms are also likely over some areas.

Rainfall is expected to range between 20 mm and 50 mm, over Regions 7, 8, and coastal and near inland areas. Other areas’ values are expected to range between 5mm and 20mm.




  1. Street Vendors should put in a Market we can build one.in that way we can G/t the Garden City.


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