PPP calls out Dr. Norton on state of health sector

Social Cohesion Minister, Dr George Norton
Health Minister Dr. George Norton examining the theatre at the National Ophthalmology  Hospital  at Port Mourant
Health Minister Dr. George Norton examining the theatre at the National Ophthalmology Hospital at Port Mourant

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it is amused at recent statements emanating from the Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton concerning the state of the local health sector.

According to the PPP, “Norton has failed miserably to produce any well thought-out strategy for the Health Sector.”

The PPP claims that “within the sector itself there is growing dissatisfaction among health workers in general and professionals specifically.

“Demands are mounting to have the concerns of health workers addressed,” a statement issued on Friday added. 

One of the outstanding matters of interest to the nation, according to the PPP, is “the non-utilization of the funds provided by the Indian Government for the construction of the Specialty Hospital. While the Minister continues to dither, the nation suffers and this golden opportunity is frittered away.”




  1. You really don’t know the history of the Guyana and the mess that country was in before the PPP got into power. So just be quiet.

  2. ENOUGH, On behalf of the Citizens of Guyana, PPP/C does not have the authority to call APNU nor anyone on anything they FAILED to oversee during their 23 year reign. HUMBLE YOURSELVES, SIT YOUR ARSES DOWN, AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO HELP THE NEW ADMIN TO ERASE THE SHAME.

  3. The wiill be no health syatem any longer in Guyana, all the hospitals built by the previous administration will be used as a whore house as was done last Saturday and NO ONE CAN SAY ANYTHING UNTO NOW how it happened … these are the asses we have to run the country.

  4. These ministers are wealth greed money grabber! India was “Helping” under the PPP…now the Indian government turn around and change “HELP” to Loan since the APNU took office….Guyana will soon be in so much debts, it will be forced to go into Bankrupt and further dissolve the value of its currency….Granger is no different than Burhnam.,…..taking 1 USD = 206GD to 1USD= 500GD – Soon coming with Captain Granger aboard!


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