Police probing assault of students at NA Technical Institute


The Guyana Police Force has launched an investigation into a violent attack that occurred on several students of the New Amsterdam Technical Institute by one of their colleagues.

Commander of B Division (Berbice), Paul Langevine told Inews that one of the victims’ parents filed a report with Police in Berbice and a probe into the matter has been launched. He further noted that upon completion of the investigation the necessary actions will be taken.

“I know a report was made, a parent came with their child. The report was made and the necessary actions will be taken,” Langevine said.

Outraged ensued on social media on Tuesday when the video showing the beating went viral.
In the video, the teen is seen taking off his belt and using it to inflict blows
In a statement to the media on Tuesday, the Education Ministry said the investigation was launched after the video emerged on social media.



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