Private Sector bodies call on CCJ to give timely judgement


One day after the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) filed its No-confidence Motion appeal at the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court (CCJ), the Private Sector Commission (PSC) on Wednesday called for the court to expedite the matter in an effort to put to rest the political uncertainty facing the country.

The PSC said on Wednesday it had discussions with local and international businesses which expressed reservations in investing as the uncertainty continues. It claimed that there has been a reduction in Government and Private Sector contracts linked to the uncertainty.

“The Commission calls on the Caribbean Court of Justice to provide a prompt resolution to this matter so that both local and international organisations and businesses would again see Guyana as a country with boundless opportunities,” the private sector said.

The PSC is of the strong view that the expeditious resolution of this political situation will bring great relief to the business community.

On the other hand, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) also made similar calls on Wednesday, reiterating that the level of economic activity has had an effect of political uncertainty. However, the Chamber said it remains a vigilant observer of the situation.

Further, the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce said whilst on the surface the ruling of the Court of Appeal seems to have calmed the nation somewhat, it said this matter should be most urgently brought to a closure so that our country can move forward.

“In this regard we are calling on the Caribbean Court of Justice to urgently schedule hearings to speedily bring this issue to finality,” a statement from that Chamber added. It was also noted that the decision of the Court be respected despite concerns.




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