Plaisance Murder: Intelligence leading police to prime suspect

Dead: Ann Mendonca
Dead: Ann Mendonca
Dead: Ann Mendonca

[] – Police on the East of Demerara are looking for a man who they say is the prime suspect in the robbery committed on the home of Jennifer Ann Mendonca, whom they also killed on Friday, August 01 in her Prince William Street, Plaisance home.

The two other persons who were arrested in connection with the robbery and murder are still in police custody. They both live in the same street as the woman and one is said to be her immediate neighbour while the other resides a few houses away from the dead woman’s residence. One of the two men was deported to Guyana.

The 57 – year – old woman was found dead in her bed, hands and feet bound, her mouth duct taped and a pillow covering her face. She lived with her son. [Leroy Smith]



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