Rohee rubbishes PNCR’s threat to withhold funding for Rodney COI

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha. [iNews' Photo]


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Zulfikar Mustapha. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) and Zulfikar Mustapha. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Civic PPP/C, Clement Rohee has urged Government to provide the necessary resources to the Commission of Inquiry investigating the death of Dr. Walter Rodney so that closure can be brought to the matter and the truth revealed.

At a press conference on Monday, August 11, Rohee said it is unfortunate that the Commission’s work continues to be questioned by the Opposition.

Recently, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) called on the government to ensure the COI honors its September deadline; warning that it will not support additional funding should the Commission’s life be prolonged.

The COI was initially scheduled to last four months, following its February commencement date; however, President Donald Ramotar, upon whose instructions the Inquiry was established initially, had extended its life to September 30, 2014.

“The PPP call on the Government to ensure it does all that is legally possible to provide the COI with the necessary resources financial and otherwise to complete its work. Regardless of how long it takes, Guyanese need to know the truth,” Rohee told the news conference.PNCR

He further alleged that the PNC/R is out to discredit the work of the Commission by “trying to create a diversion on the very compelling revelations from witnesses, all of whom are pointing to a PNC government involvement in the assignation Dr. Rodney.”

Rohee also questioned why the Party is against providing additional funding for the COI and found it “mind boggling” since Opposition Leader, David Granger has been calling for Commission of Inquiries into a number of issues.



  1. present day issue for you is to get pnc back in power to rule…not happening through the ballot box dunce

  2. That is true Bobby, my mother uses to tell me she would throw box all year for christmas and then buy things for the house , but now all the little money going in the pot, but at the end of the day tis about tough choices and sacrifices

  3. listen SCHEMEMAN,if we pay a little more attention to the past this country would be far better off .let me give you a few examples: the ex-slaves pooled the little money they worked for ,pushed the money in wheelbarrows and went and bought many villages;this kind of cooperation is almost totally absent from among our we living like crabs in a barrel,dog eat dog;the ole people put a high value on hard work and land;now we looking for hand-outs and selling whatever land we have left like mad. you ever hear about box hand?is the ex slaves started this kind of saving. now we spending out all we money and complaining that the banks aint giving we loans. SCHEMEMAN,we got to come to we senses and follow some of the examples of the ole people.let us pay some attention to the past -good and bad.

  4. Those things that you are talking about is not the past because that is just the other day, when I say the past I mean the years that gone when I was not even born.Well me and you could talk because you sound more reasonable,yes alot of things that the opposition voted down I know they would regret them because things like the falls it would have brought cheaper electricity, the funding for the laptops that was cut ,that was bad because is poor people who don’t have the money to purchase those things will feel it and I told my mother that, but all the politicians have their own agenda , because at the end of the day they got everything is the small man will keep feeling the squeeze,that is why I don’t follow any party. when is something for the poor man I will back anybody I aint care about party, at the end of the day all I want is the poor man must be able to survive, so who ever gon make that happen when time come to vote I will vote for them, but then again they gon and does make all the promises and when they get in office they forget about all of what they said and I still hungry and punishingSo buddy all I want is for the small make to get a chance to survive.I think by what I just wrote you should understand my point of view and that is only my view which I am entitled to and hope we could keep it civil,because then we have a forum not based on race.

  5. You are the real dunce because you cannot comment on any of the points mentioned, that goes to show the type of person you cannot carry on a civil and intelligent conversation about the real present day problem. That is why it is only the two of you all that does conversate bewteen yourself in this forum. So you all could go on living in the past because you aint got a future.

  6. SCHEMEMAN,you really don’t like to hear about the past but ah gon still tell you a few things about the past because ,as the saying goes “those who forget the mistakes of the past are bound to repeat it.” wasn’t it just a few months ago granger cut funding for free laptops for the small man? and what about the speciality hospital ,and the amaila falls project which would have given cheap electricity for the small man? come on SCHEMEMAN, forget about this race thing,and think about what is good for the country.

  7. schememan the only present thing that concerns you is PPP ruling…u want pnc rule then win it at the polls through the ballots..u r a dunce not wanting to hear of the past…a bigger dunce to live in the future..u r an even bigger fool saying politicians will listen to you and your is said..stop your nonsense while you are ahead

  8. I was not born in those times so the past is not really important to me,I deal with the present and the future.I guess you guys are old and living in the past. I care about the present and my future, so I follow the present news. Again I want you to understand I don’t blog I read them and most of the time it does not make sense,because everyone has an obligation to please their parties instead of looking at the real issues.Things that concern me is like jobs and development for myself and other young people and I don’t get into politics because all politicians are the same ,they make promises and when they get into office they forget about all the promises so I keep out of that. As you brought up about budget cuts I would like to to tell me in what was in the budget for youth development and job creations , what was the delelopment plan.Explain that to me I don’t want to hear about any other thing.Those are my interest. How many parents are spending tons of money to educate their children and they can’t get a job in Guyana they have to leave the country to better themselves.What was cut from the budget {name the exact project} that would have helped the youths. Everything in the budget was for the rich to get richer.So I don’t care about any party pass or present all I want is to survive.As I say respond specifically to what I write ,which is my concerns.When you can adress that are give me a reasonable answer then I would respond,but other than that its a waste of my time to read your writings,because they would not be representing the real issues that is facing us in Guyana today.This is not the problem with you and other bloggers, if you stick to the present day issues { and not going back to issues when a lot of us were not born} then I think the politcians would listen to us ,we can’t live in the past we have to think about the present and future.

  9. when the likes SCHEMEMAN see names like Baldeo-Singhs Persauds in trouble with the they tend to get very excited other words what they are trying to say is hey is not only black people in trouble with the law….they are spineless jelly transparent ha haha.

  10. stop it now stop your lies..u dont blog in kn so end it here now.——i know what you were trying to get at…the name Baldeo…Is like Burnham to me…

  11. I just wanna know how come it in all the rest of papers and it aint in this one.I read all the papers because I don’t trust some of them and when I see some news in some papers and not in the others.I wonder aloud.I am not a blogger and when I see the same thing happen in the other papers I would write this same comment to any one of the bloggers in the papers.I do it on Kaietur and Stabroek because when I see an interesting article and all the major papers has it I am satisfied that they are not being selective.By the way I enjoy all the back and forth comments of all the bloggers and that is the only thing I read the papers for,because you get more from the bloggers than the article written by the writer.So I dont want you to feel I am picking on you,If there was any other regular blogger on this site I would have ask the same question.So keep doing your thing

  12. if SCHEMEMAN wants us to get excited about the American story ,let us oblige and invite the FBI to investigate the case of the”missing” police and gdf files.

  13. to SCHEMEMAN: if baldeo can be can be found guilty of obstruction of justice and face 10 years in prison for each of the 6 counts, how many years jail would you recommend for those who caused the police and gdf files to go” missing”? what about using lie detector tests to find the culprits?

  14. pncr now called apnu is too hypocritical .every year they cutting billions of dollars allocated for development from the budget. now they claiming that this comparatively small amount should be put for development. we waited too long for this coi. whatever the cost and however long it takes let the coi continue. truth will out.

    why u want this news media to bring Albert {{ Baldeo }} i get the “your” “Baldeo” thing…most people get it “your” “Baldeo” thing…
    now ….your ” Baldeo” thing is in America…..What crime “your” “Baldeo” thing commit in Guyana for this news media to get excited about like how you see the “Baldeo” name and you getting excited??? U see how easy it id for people to see right through you people…fact…rodney was assassinated in Guyana….not America or Africa….. fact….it was indeed UK and US that removed a democratically elected government and install your PNC Burnham to rule over all Guyanese and kept the PNC in power for 28 years.. oh i get it…U want to talk “Baldeo” the name “Baldeo” got you on edges eh…


    How come this newspaper aint publishing the article about ” Albert Baldeo New York-based Guyana lawyer guilty of obstruction of justice ” Like they aint like this story or they aint want people to know

  17. pnc must be made to understand its not their money…its taxpayers have lots to hide…pnc dont want more to come out…u bet many people were shocked to lear that corbin was involved with gun running and gdf days are numbered…the only way PNC can ever rule Guyana again is for US and UK to install it to rule like was done must be branded a terrorist organization by the international community …guyanese residing in guyana are terrified of pnc


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