Pensioner hospitalised after fire guts Corentyne house


A 65-year-old woman is currently nursing second degree burns about her body after she was caught on fire Friday March 29, 2019 evening.

The injured woman has been identified as Ingrid Morgan of Manchester Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

The woman’s husband, Donald, related to INews that they were watching television around 19:00h when she left to go downstairs to make tea. The man explained that their stove self-lights and was apparently left on with the gas running.

As such, when the woman turned the nob, its burst into flames and caught onto her.

“I heard her shouting for fire and when I run downstairs to the kitchen, there was fire and she was ripping of her clothes,” the 69-year-old recalled.

The man said he and along with the others who were home at the time managed to get the woman out of the house as the fire quickly spreads, engulfing the entire building within minutes.

Ingrid has since been admitted at the New Amsterdam Hospital. The fire has left a total of five persons homeless.



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