Parika/Mora IMC destroys woman’s house

The woman's house was completely destroyed by the Parika/Mora IMC.
The woman's house was completely destroyed by the Parika/Mora IMC.
The woman’s house was completely destroyed by the Parika/Mora IMC.

[] – Kavita Deen, 22, saw the house she put up for the comfort of her family destroyed Thursday at the hands of the local authority, and now angry residents are backing her search for justice.

Her house was just built at the Parika façade squatter settlement on the very spot she lived for all her life as part of an extended family. When their old house because cramped, the new two-flat structure was built.

On Thursday morning, she was told the house would be taken down by the Parika/Mora Interim Management Committee, which replaced the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

“Yesterday morning 9 O’Clock, NDC sent a letter to me, telling me that they coming and break down my building…15 minutes after they came with sledgehammer and start breaking my building,” Deen said.

Deen said a new resident of the area claims that the house would be blocking her passageway. The incident has angered neighbours such as Syraj Lailo, who has been living at the Parika façade for the past 50 years.

“They hold the people wardrobe and fling it out the house; tek all the documents from it and throw it away,” Laila, popularly known as ‘Spring Cat’ said.

He said when he sought to intervene to prevent the destruction of the property and its contents, he was threatened by Police.

“The Policeman said ‘shut yo mouth before we kerr yo at the station’,” he stated.

Another resident of the area, Golyn Couchman, accused the local authority of abusing their power. She said she appealed to the Policeman not to take away the bottle and flask Deen was using to feed her baby, but she was told she needed to go to the station if she wanted anything.

Deen and scores of residents of Parika façade see the incident as a flagrant abuse of power and are calling for the authorities to ensure justice is served.




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