“Ramotar’s Presidency has failed” – Granger gives himself an ‘excellent’ grade


By Kurt Campbell

ANU[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Leader David Granger believes the 3 – year – old Donald Ramotar presidency has failed in its most vital aspects but has awarded himself an “excellent” grade.

He was at the time responding to the President’s recent reflection of his term in office which is likely to end prematurely, where he [Ramotar] said more could have been achieved and regarded his tenure of office as “mixed.”

According to Granger, the most serious of all Ramotar’s failure is his neglect of the nation’s youth. He said that second most serious of his failures is the administration’s response to the issue of safety and security.

When asked about his performance, Granger used words like “splendid” and “magnificent” to describe it and went on to outline how the coalition which he heads in the National Assembly has ensured accountability and service to the Guyanese people, on the part of government, over the years.

“President Ramotar will be remembered forever as the President who inflicted the greatest damage on parliamentary democracy by his 10th November prorogation of Parliament,” Granger said; adding that “he has failed, moreover, to conduct the prescribed periodic local government elections provided for and protected by the Constitution.”

Reading from a prepared statement at his end of year press conference this morning (Friday, December 19), the Opposition Leader pointed to failure in the public health strategy; saying the President and his Minister of Health have failed to implement a comprehensive public primary health care strategy.

He said too that President Ramotar and his Minister of Home Affairs have failed to make Guyana safe for citizens and for investors; pointing out that the combination of corruption, cronyism and other crime has taken a toll on the quality of life.

On the issue of a public youth policy, Granger said there no strategy for providing jobs for thousands of young people who leave school every year; adding that unemployment is the central issue affecting young people.

On a more serious note, for which a court Order has been filed by the Opposition Leader; he said President Ramotar has failed to control public finance excesses.

“His Minister of Finance had to be referred to the Committee of Privileges twice this year first, because he refused to comply with Resolution 15 that was passed by the Assembly on the 27th June 2012 which required him to lay a report in the National Assembly on all Extra-Budgetary agencies including the Guyana Development (Lotto) Fund and GGMC and directed him to pay all monies being held by these agencies into the Consolidated Fund and, second, for spending money in excess of the sum approved by the Act of Parliament.”

The Opposition Leader believes President Ramotar inherited a “bundle of flawed public infrastructure projects” from his predecessor and had no strategy of his own and failed to record a single success.

He reminded that Cabinet Secretary Dr. Luncheon admitted that “the government has not been able to achieve the objectives of the…prorogation” but believes it is an understatement.

“In fact, it is clear that President Ramotar has not been able to achieve any meaningful objectives on anything – democratic governance, economic development, human safety and social cohesion. The Donald Ramotar presidency has failed.”




  1. Sorry Mr Granger, you are not the one to grade your self. I am the one that have to give you your grade and also Mr Ramotar.
    Mr Ramotar, I give you a ‘c’, your grade was greatly affected by your inability to recognise that the opposition will not cooperate to allow any major development under a PPPC government, and the length of time you take to send them packing by dissolving parliament.
    Mr Granger, I give you a f -, I am still looking for something good that you have done, all I see a trail of fail court cases, and fail or bad motions useless picket and protest, and meanless threat that you know you cannot follow up on.
    for a detail breakdown of your grade you can contact me here or wait until election.

  2. Peeping Taam of KN wrote:Peepin Taam gone nuts..
    All of them over at KN going bunkers now.
    Granger went bunkers since those days of ballot box killings.
    But Granger must read this and com clean with his people and apologize for PNC wrong doing PNC heaped on the Guyanese people.

    The AFC has a good strategy. It know that if it goes into the election as a junior member of an opposition alliance, that the party will lose a great many votes because the disenfranchised supporters of the PPP will once again become insecure fearing a PNCR presidency.
    Look, there are many supporters of the PPP who are disgusted with the government. They are bewildered by what is taking place under the Donald Ramotar administration. But the least thing these supporters want is for the PNCR to take over the Presidency. This drives real fear in supporters of the PPP because they remember clearly what the PNC reduced this country to. They remember State terrorism under the PNC and how bribery and corruption became institutionalized under the PNC. They remember, also, the starvation and humiliation faced by people who were being denied basic necessities.

  3. Granger is free to beat his drums and dance to it. His 2IC Harmon always joins him unlike other intelligent members of the PNC such as Mr Greenidge who will not participate in this pappy show.

  4. Excellent ? Granger, Did you do excellent in Linden? Did you do excellent in Parliament? Granger, The only time you did excellent, was under Burnham. You Granger, Green, and Geenige, did excellently with my brother Dr. Rodney. Maybe you did excellent by sending Greenige, and Christopher Ram, and other PNC members to make up the 150 attendees at the dead WPA symposium. Granger, you probably did excellent, by buying over Clive Thomas.
    Granger, you think you did excellent by trying to kill the tenth Parliament? Hey good try anyway. It’s okay to try again.

  5. There is nothing wrong with Granger making those statement. He is yet to present an alternative for the development of Guyana. That is a sign that he don’t have a plan for Guyana and have done extremely well in that position in terms of his alternative. Had he an alternative then he would have failed miserably.


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