Prisoner caught with cocaine in ‘borrowed pants’

Darren Schultz
Darren Schultz
Darren Schultz

[] – Darren Shultz was today refused bail by Magistrate Ann McLennan on a narcotics charge.

He pleaded not guilty to the offence, which alleged that on December 17 at Camp Street Prison, Georgetown, he had in his possession two grammes of cocaine.

According to his Attorney, Konyo Sandiford Thompson, her client borrowed a pants from Junior Wills in Linden to wear to Court. However, after his court appearance he was taken to Camp Street prison and a search was carried out and the prohibited substance was found in the said pants pocket.

Meanwhile, Police Prosecutor Dinero Jones successfully opposed bail on the nature, gravity and penalty of the offence. Jones also informed the Court that Wills did not confirm ownership of the pants.

Schultz will make his next Court on January 07, 2015 before Magistrate Fabayo Azore.


  1. I have heard/read some amusing excuses given in courts but this one is highly laughable. Just imagine he ”borrowed” a trousers to attend court!! Another one I was witnessed to was when the headmaster asked a teacher why he was late in arriving at school, His answer was,”I ate too slow.” Dear readers, which of the two is more amusing?


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