Over $632M owed to Rice Farmers by Millers


Rice farmers[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana government says it empathizes with the “frustrations of the rice farmers” and hopes that the rice millers can make arrangements to have outstanding amounts to rice farmers remitted to them at the earliest possible time.

The response from government follows protest by rice farmers on Thursday, September 03 in Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast, who are demanding the administration’s intervention in ensuring they are paid. The protest was led by the Rice Producers Association (RPA).

The government in a statement issued today listed the millers and the amount of monies owed to the rice farmers, which amount to $​​​​632, 844,995.

According to a statement from the government, consultations with the Guyana Rice Development Board on the issue of payment to Region 2 rice farmers by rice millers have resulted in the following information being made available.


  1. Wazeer Hussein (Dry Shore/KSCL) – $285,360,540
  2. Ramesh Ramlakhan (Ex-mouth) – $156,584,455
  3. Deonarine (Evergreen) – $135,000,000
  4. Old Mac Guyana Inc. – $28,300,000
  5. La Resource Rice Industry – $27,600,000

“Government is reiterating its call for millers in arrears to settle their outstanding debts to farmers who have supplied them with paddy for processing,” the statement noted.



  1. All off the haters would love to blame the new Government for this mess but we all know where the blame shoud be firmly placed_ on the shoulders of those thieves and scum bandits that called themselves a Government under Ali BahaRat and his 40 crooks

  2. You loved the vulgarity shown to PPP/C when the your man stripped down naked showing you his privates. You loved the PNC lady stepping upon a PPP/C flag then spread her legs apart then urinate on it in the presence of the public with little children around. You loved it then so now you don’t want others to remind you of it. You calling them crooks in PPP/C but stil you have to proof to jail not a single one of them. You are too gullible and too dense to swallow the trash you read in SN and KN.

  3. I want to see when they finish harvest this September. Where they will sell their rice. The will put all in granger and the. Five prime minister ass. Change you want change u get

  4. that is all you concerned with, vulgarity and lewdness which is a trait of the former government cabal and their supporters like you.

    you ain’t ashamed that these paddy farmers have been shortchanged for years and with the petrocaribe fund now broke, the new administration must now take-up the debts of the high flying bharat jagdeo, clement rohee, anil nandlall and the pack of misfits whom you surely know about.

    the crooks inside the ppp party used to shift funds from guysuco to pay the rice farmers and take from the rice farmers to pay guysuco and all became exposed long before raj singh declared guysuco bankrupt and the new administration exposed the t’iefin’ that dried-up the petrocaribe fund.

    the current government has done the correct thing in exposing the millers who are holding over half a billion dollars from the rice millers and the thing that is burning your kakahold is that it is the burnham chap that is rescuing than and that is a big no-no for you and your kind.

  5. Change you wanted change you ppl got now you want the government to broker agreement for you with Trinidad how nice

  6. What is the period of time this indebtedness to rice farmers have been incurred? Why the millers are allowed to owe these small and perhaps large farmers such huge and accumulated amounts. This was something that happened during the former days of the PNC but not such huge amounts. And, it is expected over the years with increased production and better prices under the past PPP/C farmers should by now be independent and finance themselves. Something is not right. I wonder how many may have over-extended themselves in anticipation of the continuation of the Venez market and overlooked seeking additional markets? Poor management from top to bottom. Wish there is a speedy solution to this problem and that assured markets are found including the renewal of the Venez market. Guyana’s economy can be stagnated in the short term. Hopefully not.


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