Caribbean Airlines promises to facilitate demands of 2016

Minister Harmon during meeting with CAL Officials.
Minister Harmon during meeting with CAL Officials.

[] – Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) has reaffirmed its commitment to Guyana after several Executives from the company paid a courtesy call on Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Thursday, September 03, 2015.

According to the Ministry of the Presidency, the visiting team included Chief Executive Officer, Michael DiLollo; Head of Corporate Communications, Dionne Ligoure; Vice President of Commercial Operations and Customer Service, George Reeleder; Area Manager, South America Roy Ferguson and Sales Executive, Guyana and Suriname Dion Inniss.

Minister Harmon said that despite challenges, CAL has provided “invaluable service” to Guyana. The Minister took the opportunity to point out to the group that Guyana in 2016 will celebrate 50 years of being an independent nation, which will “involve many Guyanese from the diaspora coming home to be part of the celebrations”, thus making air travel a challenge.CAL 1

According to the Ministry, Harmon declared that the government looks forward to the expansion and quality of service which CAL provides.

The CEO of the Company, Michael DiLollo explained that the carrier’s operation in Guyana has recorded an “increase in on-time performance”, an achievement the company is proud of.

DiLollo revealed that changes have been made at the airline which allowed CAL to provide jobs for about 40 persons here; a move he believes came about because of the company’s commitment to Guyana.

He reassured Minister Harmon that CAL is committed to, and will make arrangements to facilitate and accommodate the demands of 2016 which is expected to be a peak year of travel to Guyana. He noted too that customer service focus and on-board services will change for the better, offering a more superior service than is currently offered.



  1. Myself and family including my 3 year old son had travel to Trinidad for two weeks vacation a month and they did not even offer us a glass of water, however on our return we were offer a tin fruta orange juice. I also had to pay the full fare for my 3 year old son. The ticket cost $69,000 each ( approximately $350US) I am also amused to learn that CAL fare from Guyana to Miami return cost the same $350US. This is taking advantage not only on the Guyanese populace, but many who are very poor and could have barely afforded a once in a life time vacation. I welcome Jet Blue with open arms and even another airline. Competition is good for the future of Guyana air services.

  2. CAL screwed Guyanese over and over and must never be trusted ever again. If it were up to me CAL flights woul be barred from entering Guyana until it apologize to the tens of thousands Guyanese it screwed up. I think they in Trinidad love feeling up Guyanese with all those feel up security checks they put Guyanese through since salt eat out their nature on that tiny island.

  3. This utter nonsense from the real ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ at CAL.They continue to fleece the hapless Guyanese traveller and now they have heard via the grapevine that JetBlue (JB Baby) is headed soon to our shores – the army of institutionalised ‘lolos’ at CAL are suddenly panicking for all intensive purposes. Seriously, what kind of a person will have a name as ‘DiLollo’ if taken into the cultural nuances of Guyana and the wider Caribbean Region?

    Just imagine charging a senior citizen like Mother Sally some outrageous amount in excess of a thousand bucks (US Dollars) to travel from Region 11 to Region 4 in the so called ‘non peak season’ let alone at Christmas when I am in my full swing with the local marauders…oops I meant ‘masqueraders’.

    CAL must explain why it costs more to travel between Miami to Guyana versus from Miami to Calcutta, India. We await the usual plethora of tepid responses from the ‘Harpic garglers’ at Sunjet House on the ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’.


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