Over 50 hinterland sports facilities to be upgraded


[www.inewsguyana.com] –  The Ministry of Education is collaborating with the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs to improve over 50 sports facilities in the hinterland.

Minister within the Ministry of Education Nicolette Henry, during a recent interview, explained that the collaboration is through the Ground Enhancement Project.

She noted that the project aims to ensure that facilities in the hinterland are functioning effectively so that students and residents in the area can use them.

“I have received from the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, a list of over 50 facilities that we intend to support with regard to finances,” Henry said. She added that the enhancement is not only in the area of sports, but also for others, recreational and otherwise.

Director of Sports, Christopher Jones.
Director of Sports, Christopher Jones.

Also speaking on the issue was Director of Sport, Christopher Jones, who highlighted that even though the Government is hoping to establish multi-purpose centres across the country, the hinterland is the first target area and hopefully, this can be effected before the end of the Government’s first term in office.

He noted that the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’Affairs is currently working with the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) to identify and develop the football talent in the hinterland.

“Work has already started in terms of identifying those hinterland communities that have the talent, with the view of extracting and exposing them to the nation and the region as well,” Jones said.

Jones added that the GFF is looking to see whether or not its international governing body, FIFA, is prepared to fund facilities in those outlying areas.

Reflecting on his visit to Upper Mazaruni, Jones stated that the talent in the hinterland is exceptional and at times, surpasses that on the coastland. Jones was accompanying President David Granger on the visit. [GINA]




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