NGSA Results: Math declines, English sees improvement

A section of the gathering at the announcement of the NGSA results. [iNews' Photo]


By Kurt Campbell

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand. [iNews' Photo]
Education Minister, Priya Manickchand. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Education Minister Priya Manickchand has announced that there was a stark decline in passes at Mathematics at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment when compared to 2013.

The assessment which was done on April 16 and 17, saw an overall decline in the amount of students securing 50% and above in passes in the subject area of Math.

In 2013, 43.94% of students secured passes over 50% while in 2014 31.52% secured passes over 50%, this equates to an average decline of 9.6%.

A total of 15, 227 students were entered to sit the assessment. It is important to note too that 5% of Math and English and 10% of the same two subjects from the Grade Two (2010) and Grade Four (2012) Assessments respectively are added to 85% of the Grade Six Assessment results.

The Minister noted however that there were improvements in the areas of English. In 2013 English pass rate of over 50% was 28.73% while in 2014 the subjectrecorded 51.92% passes.

Science also sawimprovement from 31.77% in 2013 to 43.75% in 2014, while Social Studies remained on par with performance in 2013.

A section of the gathering at the announcement of the NGSA results. [iNews' Photo]
A section of the gathering at the announcement of the NGSA results. [iNews’ Photo]
Manickchand compared the results in 1994 to 2014. In Math, 1994 recorded pass rates of 10.6% while 2014 recorded 31.52%. In 1994 14% of students passed English while in 2014 51.92% recorded passes. Additionally, in 1994 30% of students passed science with 50% or more while in 2014 43% passed and in 1994 16% passed in Social Studies while in 2014 it is 40%.

The Minister said she was particularly pleased that there were a number of schools throughout the Regions that increased performance by 25% or more.

The total amount of marks any students could have gotten in the subject areas were Maths 136, English 132, Social Studies 137 and Science 135 totally 540.

Jorrel De Santos, who attends the New Guyana School, is the Top Performer at the 2014 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). He secured a total of 533 out of 540 marks.

The Second spot was taken by, Aliah Mohamed from School of the Nations with 531 marks.

Third spot was taken by Ravi Singh with 530 marks from the Westfield Prep School, followed by Isaac Mallampatti with 527 marks from the New Guyana School.

Analise Samaroo from School of the Nations secured the fifth spot with 525 marks, while Krystal Singh from Success Elementary, Jeremiah Bentham from Winfer Gardens Primary and Jeron Boucher from the Genesis Early Childhood all tied with a total of 524 in the sixth spot.




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