New State media boards will be free from political hacks – Prime Minister

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

[] – Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo has given the assurance that the new Board of the State media entities – National Communications Network (NCN) and the Guyana National Newspapers Ltd – will be free from political influence and figures.

According to GINA, the Prime Minister revealed that the Boards have not been appointed as yet but assured that the process is ongoing. He said the Boards will comprise persons who are qualified and, “who have roots in broadcasting, information, journalism and technical training.”

“I am not going to be a Minister responsible for information and who puts party hacks into these Boards, to just draw stipends for not working, but to do party propaganda,” the Prime Minister said, adding that, “those ghost writers and those ghost producers are things of the past.”

According to the Prime Minister, members of the Board of Directors for the state media entities will be professionals and they will be bringing to the fore, in Guyana, a new approach to information and communication.

“It must be people driven, to do what it takes to serve the needs of the Guyanese people, and to serve social and development agendas, not a partisan political agenda,” he said.

The Prime Minister, in an earlier address to the National Assembly, had pledged the new Administration’s support for true press freedom. He had stated that whilst the new Administration will make no attempt to curb the constitutional right of freedom of any media, including that of the state, it will not turn a blind eye to irresponsible, partisan information that had characterised these media, under the previous administration

Nagamootoo however urged that information must be disseminated in a responsible manner that will “help, not destroy Guyana.”

Moreover, the Prime Minister said that the ‘right of reply’ must be catered for so persons who “come under assault and attack” would have the right to tell their side of the story.”

He had said that these entities that were used as “partisan propaganda rag” must be revolutionized to become the “bastion of public information that is credible.”



  1. I would say more of a rubber ball, that granger and other apnu people play with. good for the “baaad maan. “

  2. So Mr Judas finally get a chance to speak,better be careful what you say or Harmon will manners you,you are nothing more than a rubber stamp.

  3. Na worry to nagga he jus the Post Man (PM). He has no say in anything…All the boards so far have hacks…cant you see???? Why would you make it different?

  4. you rest assured it will not be any of the ghost writers and the paid 50-centers who used to spread ppp propaganda on state airwaves getting paid by the taxpayers of the country. you of the morally and ethically challenged class are now calling for higher standards when you bend over backwards to defend creatures of the gutter. reading you mostly makes me want to hurl and vomit!

  5. you are nothing but a flippin’ idiot so, you cannot understand what the man has said here. also, you are too much of a dunce to realize that the paid mouthpieces and ghost writers of the morally and ethically bankrupt former government who used the state media to spread propaganda – like your breach of accord nonsense – have to go out and find proper wuk; now that nagamootoo is in town waving the stick.

  6. PM like you running a different government. So far we havent seen that in the other boards. So firstly lets get it right do you support the composition of the other boards? Secondly do you agree with some ministers been chairman for boards that are under purview by the same minister’s ministry?
    Thirdly Why is it that young ppl are not included in these boards bit some old hard back olman papies.
    WHen all is said and done i voted for the AFC in the coalition and you all have been failing me.
    What do you have to say abt pay increases of ministers the hottest topic in town.
    A watching,

  7. this guy really have his head up his ass, how come the Guyana Chronicle that was the PPP lackey did a 360 and is now the government lackey and he talking about accountability because I have not seen a impartial piece out of this newspaper since the change of government that challenge them like take for example the breach of the accord between Afc/Apnu

  8. Alright Naga. We can’t wait to see who they will be. Remember YOU said no “political hacks”, no one with “partisan political agenda”. We’re watching.


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