Guyanese Doctor successful after receiving Harvard University Scholarship

Dr. Bux receives his honourable certificate upon completion of the programme
Dr. Bux receives his honourable certificate upon completion of the programme
Dr. Bux (right) receives his honourable certificate upon completion of the programme

[] – Head of the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Emergency Department, Dr. Zulfikar Bux has successfully graduated from the Harvard Chan School of Public Health Global Health Delivery Intensive programme which was held in Boston USA.

Dr Bux was one of the 42 graduates from the programme which saw scholars from 17 different countries participating. He was fortunate to be the only recipient of the Harvard Chan School of Public Health Abundance scholarship, according to a release from the GPHC.

It was noted that the Global Health Intensive Delivery Programme is specially designed to train medical scholars in the development of global healthcare. The course teaches health leaders on effective health care management and development in low resource settings.

“Graduates are expected to apply their knowledge to ensure cost effective but optimal healthcare delivery in their settings. The programme also creates a link between the graduates so that they can share their knowledge and resources and further the development of global health initiatives,” the release from GPHC noted.

It was further noted that this is the first time a Guyanese has participated in this prestigious course and Dr. Bux is optimistic that he will utilize his acquired skills to continue the development of healthcare both at a National level and at the GPHC.

“He expressed his gratitude to the faculties at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health whom he stated were all amazed at the rate of development of Emergency Medicine in Guyana,” the release stated.

Dr. Bux is adamant that the success of emergency medical care in Guyana could not have been possible without the strong support of his leadership team at the GPHC.

“He was also very thankful for their support in facilitating his participation in this course. Dr. Bux stated that it is a challenging time for healthcare locally and is urging all involved to work towards what’s best for the patients and not their personal wants. He also stated that he is now even more equipped to assist in the evolution of emergency medical care in Guyana and will continue to be an advocate for effective, efficient and ethical patient care for all.”



  1. You mentioned that Craig was taking pictures of staff and the Hospital. Do you know that is against the law and he can be charged. I am not sure what transpired but seem that Craig was being mischievous and calling Freddie who is the King of Mischief shows and its portraying a bad trend. I am a Nurse in the Barbados and our Hospital would have refused to see Craig if he took picture of staff and the Hospital and was being unruly. So I dont see anything wrong with the doc protecting the interest of his staff and department, Man up, move on and let the experts manage their systems. I am an expat but proud of achievements like these. Stop being bitter and join the Positive Guyana Bandwagon @ “claudeston massiah”.

  2. I do not negate the good doctors achievement. But his words do not add up to his actions. All im saying. What he did is a matter of record. Would you have wanted to be in Craigs shoes?

  3. Leave the good doc alone. Leonard Craig and Freddie Kissoon are two of the biggest upstarts in the system. They make others look bad for their own publicity. This is an achievement for all of us Guyanese and we should be proud of it instead of finding ways to make it look negative. Its one of the reasons why our country is suffering because some people love to make negative spins on things to gain attention. Congrats Doctor, you have done us proud. Do not let negative people like claudeston massiah or whom ever it is deter you.

  4. Congrats are in order Dr but your high flown statement does not add up to your actions when Leonard Craig turned up at the hospital with chest pains . After waiting for an inordinate time to be treated he complained loudly. How did you respond? You refused to see him. does that sound like your statement ” You are now even more equipped to assist in the evolution of hospital emergency care in Guyana and will continue to be an advocate for effective,efficient and ethical patient care for all,”I do not think so. Your words are empty Dr. Like your response to a patient in need of your expertise. Craig had to call Freddie Kissoon who had to call the CEO as you still refused to see him unless he erased a picture taken of a staff with your lack of concern for a person in distress. Words Dr are cheap!!! So are yours.


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