Independent review of dismissals by Gov’t should be conducted – iNews Poll


APNU AFC[] – A poll conducted by iNews has revealed that citizens would prefer that the APNU+AFC government conduct an independent review into several dismissals of persons since the new government took office.

The results from the poll indicate that 57.7% of the respondents believe that an independent review should be carried out while 39.7% are against the idea of such being carried out.

Meanwhile, 2.6% of the respondents said that they were unsure of whether such should be conducted.

Over the past months several persons have been sent on administrative leave of dismissed for various reasons from state entities and state projects.

Several persons from the National Communications Network ((NCN) including Coordinator of Operations (Berbice) Faizal Jaffarally was dismissed. In a similar fashion but for different reasons two Senior Editors from the NCN Georgetown Office, Edward Layne and Adele Rampersaud were fired.

Also from NCN, over a dozen persons being paid through the state entity but located at the Office of the President were dismissed. These included Rima Rohee, the daughter of People’s Progressive Party General Secretary Clement Rohee.

Also on the list of persons fired is former Town Clerk Carol Sooba who had her status revoked by Communities Minister, Ronald Bulkan.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Guyana Oil Company (GuyOil) Badrie Persaud was also sent on 208 days administrative leave, while the CEO of GuySuCo Rajendra Singh was summarily dismissed.

Other persons included Alexei Ramotar, the son of ex-President Donald Ramotar and Leslie Cadogan the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health was sent on administrative leave.

Deputy CEO of Guyana Power and Light Aeshwar Deonarine was sent on administrative leave pending an investigation of financial impropriety.

Approximately 40 persons from the One Laptop Per Family Project (OLPF) were also dismissed.



  1. Talking about dismissal of people mostly Indian heritage is not all; A branch of the collusion did not even want Persident Jagdeo as the opposition leader. One has to wonder if this is the second episode of the PNC dictatorship and discrimination. Yep, I prefer to use the word collusion in this case.

  2. The major difficulty facing the coalition is that 95% of heads of department under the PPP were Indo Guyanese so it would seem racial no matter the agency that they are fired from. For additional info just check the persons that attended the heads of department meeting with the new President at the convention centre.

  3. The government is made up of the Executive branch:The siting President,the Legislative branch:The Judges,the Judiciary branch.When a party loses power the only people who are to be retain are the Judges

  4. i agree with u padma all these dismissals r done on a racial base. it seem that claudeston massiah is genius to know what goes on in every country.

  5. Absolutely not, the government must be free to chose those who they believe are the right persons for the positions in which they are employed. This will include knowledge, experience and integrity…..Those who lost their positions didn’t possess the necessary qualities and where also part of the previous administration…. If any of them had any integrity they would have tended their resignation as a dog cannot serve two masters… They would not have served impartially…. They can complain all they want, gravy train hit buffers, now go and get a job like everyone else who’s trying…

  6. Fair, transparent, inclusive government does not equate to retaining incompetent misfits and people whose only qualification was their sworn allegiance to the PPP. Would you hire any of these clowns to run your business if you owned a proper one?

  7. I have been following the news in Guyana, it seems Guyana is going backwards. I agree the PPP may have made some mistakes but the coalition government of APNU/AFC is not doing anything different. Why does the coalition government want to withdraw 60Billion dollars from the banks. When the PNC left in 1992 there was not 60 cents in the banks that belong to the government . I read that Clinton Urling thinks that it is ok for government to withdraw the funds. This guy is a joker who seem to be hanging his mouth where the soup is.

  8. The democratic and transparent way for the new government is to review the dismissal of all who have been dismissed abitarily by the new government.Do not follow the path of the PPP, basically a vindictive path.

  9. Padma, thieves go jail!! So some of the bandits that are being sent home are lucky it is home and not to jail. Or that might yet come.

  10. “above board”…. Strange!… non-performance was clearly identified in most cases while malpractice made up the closing remarks for the rest and yet you mention the concept of “above board”…. ironic at best!!!

  11. Well the govt has to think about 2020 and winning elections again. Its mandate is in jeopardy if key positions are not occupied by good and honest people. It must also think of how these people esp the not so well off are going to take care of themselves. The country voted for a change and this is a MUST. SO YALL TEK IT EASY.

  12. We need an independent review to make sure all dismissals are above board, irrespective of who is in power. This race nonsense must stop! This political witch hunting must end! The people want fair, transparent, inclusive government and that is what we should have, from top to bottom. The govt dismissals have a glaring racial element to it and this must be corrected.

  13. That 57% and 39% is the same way the people voted in the election that was stolen by the colation,the people are still speaking three months after the elections.

  14. What is so sad about this load of munido is WHERE WERE THESE MYSTERY CITIZENS WHEN THE ppp WERE FIRING PEOPLE LEFT AND RIGHT DURING THEIR 23 YEARS IN GOVT. Take a look at just about all of the heads of corporations and government entities predominately Indians.The foreign service the same. Afro Guyanese and PNC supporters were fired in droves. In every country anywhere a new government wants their supporters in place . Particularly in strategic positions. They all do this. But now we have citizen monitoring of the new administration when they are following normal protocol. You hypocritical worms should just go someplace and shut the hell up.


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