New Bartica Town Clerk says ‘humbled and honoured’ to serve in town of her birth

Town Clerk, Phebe Wallerson

The town of Bartica has announced the appointment of Ms Phebe Wallerson who will serve in the capacity of Town Clerk of the Municipality.

According to the Ministry of Communities, Wallerson, who holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Guyana, brings to the post a wealth of administrative experience, having spent the last four years overseeing the Guyana Red Cross Resilience Project in Bartica.

Reacting to her appointment, Wallerson said she is humbled and honoured to have been given to opportunity to serve in the town of her birth.

Town Clerk, Phebe Wallerson
Town Clerk, Phebe Wallerson

The Town Clerk noted that while she is fully aware of the volume of challenges facing the town, she is reassured by the fact that there is much potential in Bartica’s natural and human resources.

Wallerson, who is also writer, blogger and poet, stressed that despite the town’s various teething issues, such a statusquo is quite normal for a municipality in its infancy.

“I choose to invest in looking towards all of our potential instead. I see so much potential on account of the support and dedication shown to us by Central Government and the David Granger Administration,” the town clerk said.

She expressed confidence in what she termed the “superb leadership” of the Mayor Gifford Marshall and Deputy Mayor, Kamal Persaud adding that she is greatly motivated by the strength and hard work of the council.

Wallerson said her vision is to see Bartica make steady strides towards becoming a township that offers its citizens the comfort of modernised living.




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