Original owner of lost wedding band found half a world away


(St Lucia News Online) The mysterious lost wedding ring found at the bottom of the Caribbean sea off the coast of St. Lucia has found its rightful owner – in South Africa.

ringSNO broke the news a week ago after the newly-wed couple from Charlotte, North Carolina, discovered the ring at the bottom of the sea while on a dive near La Toc.

The couple posted the story on social media which helped for the word to spread.

It was then discovered that the ring belongs to a South African man who had vacationed in St. Lucia in 2012.

The man stated that the ring flew off while he was playing ball with his son and was presumed lost forever.

The man has brought forward documents proving ownership including a wedding certifcate with the date engraved on the band printed on it and photos of him wearing a ring.

A true happy ending to a rare discovery.



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