New Amsterdam Prison Officer caught with cannabis


A female officer at the New Amsterdam Prison was on Sunday taken into custody after she was allegedly found with a quantity of cannabis at the New Amsterdam Prison.

cannabisReports are that the officer asked an inmate to take a bag into the prison and give it to another inmate.

According to information reaching i news, when the prisoner enquired he was told that it was medication for another inmate. As the inmate was going through the second checkpoint, the officer at that gate ordered that he present the bag to be checked. At that point, the female officer reportedly moved up and attempted to take away the bag. There was a tussle which drew the attention of a senior officer, who investigated what transpired.

The senior officer requested possession of the bag and upon checking its contents, a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems were discovered. The matter was reported to the Police and the female officer taken into custody.

This however, was not the first time that the officer was implicated. On August 28 last, she was fingered in another drug bust at the New Amsterdam Prison.

On that occasion, a convicted inmate was found with 7 grams of cannabis sativa and implicated the said officer. The illegal drug was found when the convicted inmate Ayube Rangasammy was seen acting in a suspicious manner.

A search conducted on the bag he was carrying revealed a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems of the illegal plant. The inmate told investigators that a female Prison Officer took the drug into the prison and placed in a bucket by a sink for him to uplift.

Rangasammy subsequently pleaded guilty to trafficking in narcotics within the prison and was sentenced, while the Director of Public Prosecutions had advised that no charges be brought against the officer since the Police had failed to produce evidence that she may have knowledge of the bag—and its contents.


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