NCN’s CEO tenders resignation

RESIGNED: NCN's Chief Executive Officer, Molly Hassan

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Communications Network (NCN), Molly Hassan, has tendered her resignation from the post.

NCN's Chief Executive Officer, Molly Hassan
NCN’s Chief Executive Officer, Molly Hassan

When contacted by INews earlier today, Hassan confirmed that she has resigned as NCN CEO and has given the requisite notice as per her contract.
Speculation has been rife that Hassan would have been asked to resign by the eight-month-old APNU/AFC government. Since the administration took office in May, a large number of persons not only in the State Media but across the spectrum of the Public Service and governmental agencies have lost their jobs – either sent on leave, forced to resign or dismissed.
And while Hassan has indicated that her resignation was voluntary, there are indications that this may be far from the truth.
There are reports also that NCN’s Human Resource Manager, Daren Khan, may be sent packing. Hassan, however, said she is not aware of this. INews will keep you posted as more information becomes available.



  1. This is exactly what the PPP should have done when Jagan won the election after years of destroying the beautiful country of Guyana by the PNC. All the airheads they had as head of Government corporation should have been removed immediately. However Jagan wanted to be nice guy and never learn anything from his previous mistakes.

  2. A change is a change. Let us forget the ethnicity and work towards building a stronger Guyana with APNU +AFC sympathizers and people of African origin.

  3. NCN’s CEO tenders resignation
    Most Indians who works in these positions will have to run because PNC people will make life miserable for them to keep their jobs.


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