‘Tell us what happened’ … Robert Pyle’s brother appeals for details on fatal Carifesta crash

Late GDF Sergeant Robert-Pyle

Inews understands that Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Sergeant Robert Pyle was actually on vacation when he was called out to duty to participate in the special covert operation that went totally wrong and ended with him and his wife dying tragically in an accident on Carifesta Avenue in Georgetown.

Alana Seebarran
Alana Seebarran

According to a report carried in the Guyana Times newspaper, the GDF Sergeant was approximately five days into his two-week holiday break when he was unexpectedly called out by his superiors.

The Guyana Times report quoted Pyle’s brother, Roger, as saying how extremely unfortunate it was that the happily married couple and the civilian Canter truck driver lost their lives in such a tragic manner.

On December 30, Roger said his brother was at home enjoying some quality time with his family when he received a call telling him to report to base. Roger said when his brother was about halfway to his destination, he received another call informing him that the operation had been cancelled. Roger said he was uncertain of what transpired next.

Roger said family members were still confused about what exactly happened on the night in question and has since called for the authorities to come forward and provide the details of what exactly happened.

Inews had reported earlier that Sergeant Pyle was assisting the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) on a surveillance operation on National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Head Winston Brassington, who was recently sent on leave.

Reports indicate that directives were given for the GDF Sergeant to keep watch on Brassington’s teenage children and at no point was an order given to get involved in a high-speed chase.

On the night in question, the special team reportedly staked out and eventually hunted down the wife and brother-in-law of People’s Progressive Party/Civic parliamentarian Attorney Charles Ramson Jr. Reports suggest that the special team thought the pair to be Brassington’s children.

In a case of mistaken identity, the special team approached the pair, but failed to properly identify themselves in the process.

Their approach triggered fear within the two civilians who attempted to flee the scene. This led to a high-speed chase which took a turn for the worse on Carifesta Avenue, resulting in the death of GDF Sergeant Pyle; his wife, Stacy and a Canter driver, Linden Eastman who unfortunately was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sergeant Pyle and his wife were parents to two young children, one of whom recently celebrated his sixth birthday.

His mother-in-law is completely devastated and still cannot come to grips with the stark reality that her only daughter is gone.




  1. “Tell us what happened” … Robert Pyle’s brother appeals for details on fatal Carifesta crash
    Brother you called, your family call and call and call….you ain’t getting no answer – PNC will call you all in for a huddle – offer and give you all some tax payers’ money and that will be the end of that chapter.
    Look no further than how Rodney was assassinated and what came of it.
    PNC love no opposition to it — PNC don’t mind sacrificing a few to get what PNC wants– look no further than the Linden protest where 3 of their own got killed to ensure Lindeners keep paying $5 per kwh for electricity.
    You think this US installed PNC regime will go after the mayor for life Hammie Green for atrocities he perpetrated on G/towners?

  2. Why is the govt stalking Brassington’s teenage children? This is a violation of human rights. This smacks of a police state. This kind of high handedness must STOP!

    People need to reign in Granger. All those in charge of this operation should be fired.

  3. SLY u hit the nail on its head bang on. U bet your life on it that ‘Naga – Rumjhaat and Ropenarine’ immediate family members are all out of Guyana or at the ready to lift at the slightest hint of PNC changing things to mandatory for all to join the militia and national service or if the PNC intimidation goes on whole scale activities like in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Look out for another U.S.-base Rabi Washington running things there. Brassington and Seebarran them are just the hint of what’s to come.
    The media should check to see where most of these PNC people live since May election.

  4. This is very very sad and indeed a thorough investigation should be done. There are many unanswered questions

  5. The Bar Association call for clarity on the PNC spying operation and was dismissed but I don’t think this dictatorship will ignore Mr. Roger Pyle. And Harmon needs to stop defecating through his mouth.

  6. The entire saga has all the HALL MARK of the modus operandi of the PNC that went horribly wrong. Will any of the big wigs within the PNC apologise to the family of the deceased? May be through a third party but out of the eyes of the public with conditions attached. Will there be a full and impartial, independent inquiry by this administration? Then pigs will fly.
    Guyana is surely heading down the dangerous path of the 70’s and 80’s Burnham’s style. With the re-introduction of the Militia, the National Service (note that people’s is left out from militia as only one section of the population dominated both institutions), the two most hated institutions during their days, brain washed, military trained uniformed youths from one section of the population will be roaming the streets with arrogance with the sole intention of letting the other section of the population know who is in-charge. Thanks to those two Judases, Namakharam and Rumjhaat whose insatiable lust for political power led them to join with forces that have a history of oppression against one section of the population.


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