New Housing Minister promises to focus more on youth in housing drive

A section of a housing scheme in Guyana

The Government has announced that as part of expanding Guyana’s housing drive, which actually started under the previous PPP/C Administration, more focus will be placed on ensuring that young people acquire their own home.

In detailing the criteria for homeownership, new Minister with responsibility for housing, Valerie Sharpe-Patterson said that young people will be better positioned to plan their lives as the new measures will ensure young people have a better opportunity to own a home.

“I would like to see some of our young people owning their own home. We have a lot of young working people, who can afford to own their own homes, and they are told all kinds of things: you have to be married, you have to have children. Why would I say to a young woman ‘before you own a home, you must have two children’, what am I encouraging? That is nonsense and I would like to see that removed,” Minister Sharpe-Patterson said in a recent interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA.)

A section of a housing scheme in Guyana
A section of a housing scheme in Guyana

The new Minister is also keen on having the input of housing developers and banks, as part of the focus of providing affordable housing to young people.

“We have a lot of home developers across the country, and I would like to see in every region (where it is possible) for us to have that kind of facilities, where these developers can make the homes available to young people at an affordable price. We have the banks and building societies coming on board and offering [mortgages]. These banks are very liquid; they have monies available and (are) offering to our young people affordable mortgages, within their reach, so that they can own their own home,” she explained.

The Minister added that it would be a big plus for youths if at the end of this year, in every region, there were a number young people who could turn their keys in their own doors.

It should be noted that under the previous PPP/C Administration, many Guyanese were able to acquire their own homes due to several partnerships created between the then government and private sector groups. Young people in particular were key beneficiaries as the then Minister of Housing, Irfaan Ali, had commenced the process of having the criteria for land ownership relaxed; for example, there was no need for one to be married and have kids before they could have acquired a houselot. 




  1. I agree to allow young people to acquire their own home before starting a family. It was difficult for my husband and I as teachers to raise two children and save to acquire a home. Frustration was too much. I will be happy if this idea is implemented so that young people can save for their children’s education, health and family entertainments.

  2. Dear Minister,

    Congratulations on your appointment! One area you should also focus on is the illegal occupancy of govenment reserves in descent and relatively new housing schemes. Persons have worked hard to earn a peice of lot to be at peace and persons of shady characters are occupying in shacks which most of the times are occupied and used to plan nefarious activiees against these same hard working and law abiding citizens. Secondly, you should not use haste in reposessing lots issued to citizens as your predecessor has done..

    Thank you and hope to see squatting addressed before it becomes a monster.

  3. This is another square peg–dumb as they come –home for youths what she meant is home for the youths of her kind –All the youths will be employed in the public sector all APNU members, qualifications is not important, affiliation is what matters.What she intend to do is to take away money from the business ppl ,force the banks to give them loans they can’t afford ,this is exactly what the Kabaka did during his time in office..IT DID NOT WORK THEN AND IT WILL NOT WORK NOW-My indian brothers and sisters its time we go back to the old days of saving our money in the pillow cases because these vultures are coming again full force for our sweat.Forget about the banks–

  4. That is a very good initiative……………… I was in my early 20’s when i applied for a house lot in the mid late 90’s. I was told to go get 6 children and come back. I never went back because I still don’t have 6 children.


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