Moussy $1M grand prize promotion heats up


[] – Since its second edition launch, scores of Guyanese have been sent into a frenzy to enter the Moussy Colour Your Life promotion eyeing the grand cash prize of $1,000,000 and other exciting prizes such as Samsung Smart TVs, grocery vouchers and US dollars.

Southland International Inc, official importers and distributors of Moussy Non-Alcoholic Malt in Guyana, conducted several wet sampling exercises across the city receiving overwhelming feedback from delighted Guyanese who enjoy the product.

Many instantly purchased the product to submit their three crowns with their name, address and telephone number to have a chance to win.

The company emphasised that the suggested retail price of the product ranges between $180 and $220 and is urging Moussy fans to submit their entries early, state their information clearly on the envelopes to adjudge the winner.

The first of six countrywide drawings will be held on Saturday 21st March at 16:00hrs at N&S Mattai on Water Street where 3 lucky winners will win a 40 inch Samsung Smart TV, groceries worth $20,000 and US$50 cash.