“Every skin teeth is not laugh” – Granger tells Linden

Presidential Candidate for the APNU+AFC Coalition, David Granger

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Presidential candidate for the APNU+AFC coalition, David Granger told a massive rally at Linden on Saturday, March 14 that “every skin teeth is not laugh, even if the teeth cost $2.1M.”

In condemning the execution style killing of political activist, Courtney Crum –Ewing, Granger pointed out that dark forces are at work as he alluded to the infamous phantom squad.

He said the struggle is not against flesh and blood, but a system that does not work for all Guyanese. He told the rally that the “phantom squad is back” and everyone should therefore be on guard.

He warned that the People’s Progressive Party is desperate and “will try all sorts of political maneuvers to come out victorious at the upcoming elections.”

“Do not believe that these people are laughing with you, they’re laughing at you,” he told the crowd that swelled the Linden Bus park to its seams.

A section of the crowd at the Linden Rally.

According to Granger, for 22-years the PPP has kept Region 10 on life support and come May 11, the APNU+AFC led government will work to change this.

“They want to keep the hinterland in a state of backwardness… “Priya knows that $10,000 is just enough for sweets for the kids…why not a school bus?”