Mother of seven killed in Mahaicony accident

One of the cars involved in the accident
One of the cars involved in the accident
One of the cars involved in the accident

[] – As Guyana observes Road Safety month, the carnage on the roadway continues, with the latest being the death of 45 – year – old Irene Ramsey.

The mother of seven died and several others are injured following an accident at Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara on Saturday evening, November 07.

At the time of her death, Ramsey was standing with at least three other persons on the side of the road. According to information received, the woman and others had just exited the premises of a friend, where they celebrated the 50th birthday for a member of her church.

iNews was told that a car was heading east along the Mahaicony main road while another was heading in the opposite direction when the accident took place.

Eyewitnesses related to iNews that due to an uneven bridge in the area, the car which was heading west used the lane on the other aide to avoid the uneven section of the bridge.

At the same time, the car in the opposite direction was going at a fast rate and suffered, which resulted in the driver slamming into the side of the other car.

The impact sent the car spinning onto the road shoulder where it crashed into Ramsey and others. The eyewitnesses related that the driver of the other car attempted to drive away but was hampered by his blown out tyre which caused the police and persons from the area to catch up with him.

Up to late last evening the police only had one of the drivers in their custody and a breathalyzer test was administered to him while the other driver was receiving medical attention.



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