Mother dies at GPHC after giving birth, family seeking clarity


The family of a woman who died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) shortly after giving birth is requesting clarity into what could have transpired.

Fariena Mohammed, 30, was admitted to GPHC on December 28 where she gave birth later that day.

She would have displayed good health afterwards and was taken to the wards.

After her discharge, her baby reportedly fell ill to which doctors insisted that she remain at the hospital to breastfeed the baby.

While her baby recovered, Mohammed fell ill suddenly to which relatives believed that it was normal after the pregnancy.

However, days after, suspicion arose after there was no contact from Mohammed and family members visited the hospital where she was receiving oxygen along with some other medical attachments.

Doctors later informed her mother that she needed a CT scan but information about her condition was very limited.

It was later discovered that she fell into a coma to which she died shortly after due to a heart attack.

Mohammed also has a five-year-old child and her mother is calling for GPHC to account for her daughter’s death.


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