More persons come forward to dispute Top Cop’s false data

Susan Natasha Narine

At least ten more persons have come forward to reject claims being made by the APNU/AFC Coalition as well as the Guyana Police Force that they were out of the country on Elections Day.

They have all signed affidavits, asserting that they were in Guyana on March 2.

One of those persons is Chaitram Bharat, who appears as Number 22 on the Police List.

Another person is Khaawtie Naipaul, who is Number 78 on the Police List.

Dhanwantie Singh who is Number 81 on the Police List and Pardasie Balram who is Number 34 on the Police List have also signed affidavits, confirming that they were in Guyana on March.

Susan Natasha Narine

The other individuals who have come forward are Anthony Persaud who is Number 36 on the Police List, Zahaid Baksh who is Number 27 on the Police List, Mohamed Muntaz Ali who is Number 38 on the Police List, Otis Jaigobin who is Number 33 on the Police List, Rameshwar Paul who is Number 35 on the Police List, and Susan Natasha Naraine who is Number 93 on the Police List.

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