Proof provided but APNU/AFC still demands “evidence” it objected to prominent attorney


The APNU/AFC is demanding “evidence” that it objected to the vote cast by prominent Attorney Devindra Kissoon.

But evidence was already provided when the story was first published.

The Coalition on Tuesday objected to the vote cast by Mr Kissoon.

The objection was recorded in the Observation Report.

In the Observation Report, for Ballot Box 4497 under Division 41351A, the APNU/AFC objected to serial numbers 89, 93, 157, and 244.

The serial number 157 on the corresponding Official List of Electors is Mr Kissoon.

Both documents, the Observation Report and the OLE were provided in the initial story which highlighted that the APNU/AFC is arbitrarily objecting to names.

INews has been able to confirm that Attorney Kissoon he was in the country on Elections Day and that he voted at the African Heritage Museum in Bel Air Park.

In fact, he was an accredited observer for the American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana (AmCham).

Mr Kissoon, like many others, has been wrongfully accused by the Coalition of being out of the country on Elections Day.

Evidence continues to surface to prove that the claims being made by the Coalition are false.

The Observation Report for Division 41351A where an objection was made to serial number 157
The Official List of Electors for Division 41351A which shows serial number 157 is Devindra Kissoon

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