Another “migrant voter” rejects APNU/AFC claims that she was out of the country on E-Day

Photo of Kaminie Singh alongside her name appearing on APNU/AFC’s list of alleged migrant voters

Several alleged migrant voters are coming forward to reject claims being made by the APNU/AFC Coalition that they were out of the country on Elections Day, and therefore votes cast in their names are illegitimate.

Another person, Kaminie Singh, is the latest of such persons to come forward to reject the coalition’s allegations.

Her name is listed as one of some 200 persons whom the coalition is claiming were out of the country on March 2 but yet voted.

But the woman explained to INews that she has not left Guyana in over five years. This publication has seen a copy of the woman’s passport to confirm that her last trip out of the country was in 2014 and she returned to Guyana that same year.

She contends that she was present and voted on March 2nd, 2020, at the Cornelia Ida Nursery School at around 15:15hrs.

So far, INews has been able to confirm that two other persons, whose name appear on the APNU/AFC’s list, were in the country on Elections Day.

Amos Bhola
Compton Bacchus

One of those individuals is Compton Bacchus of Plantation Phillip, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), who insisted that he voted in person. He was listed as having voted at Polling Station 221113A, ballot box 2045, with serial number seven.

The other person is Amos Bhola, who also hails from Pomeroon-Supenaam, and who voted at the very same Polling Station as Bacchus.

APNU/AFC’s claims were even denied by a Berbice couple who said that not only were they in Guyana on Elections Day, but that they had voted for the coalition.