Miss World Guyana aims to raise awareness on domestic violence; constructs Shelter



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Miss World Guyana, Rafieya Husain
Miss World Guyana, Rafieya Husain

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Miss World Guyana, Rafieya Husain is using her crown to raise awareness of the early signs of inter-relational Violence particularly within the youth population with expectations of reducing the continuation of domestic violence in Guyana.

As she prepares to represent Guyana in London for the Miss Universe World pageant later this year, Husain said this issue is close to her heart since she too was a victim of verbal and emotional violence in a past relationship.

Speaking to iNews today, Wednesday, October 15, Husain spoke about the work she is doing and intends to do in this area.

As such, Husain started work on a shelter in Land of Plenty, Region Two [Pomeroon/Supenaam] which is nearing completion and will be used to help victims of domestic violence.

“With the acquisition of a land and building, I am one step closer to fulfilling my dream. Regional Chairman, Parmanand Persaud and Regional Executive Officer, Sunil Singh presented the land and building located at Land of Plenty…Construction of the outreach center has begun and is expected to be completed by the end of October 2014. Cost for renovations and repairs are currently being funded through by the funds donated so far and some generous donors in kind,” she said.

Husain also founded a non-profit organization in Georgetown named, ‘Rivah’.

“It gives a strong voice that will echo as a leader in bringing awareness to the early signs of domestic violence, educating young people on early warning signs and eradicating such behaviors by introducing corrective measures to prevent teen related violence which in turn will minimize domestic violence altogether.”

She added that with the successful formation of this organization, it is hoped that an even greater impact will be made by providing much needed resources and educational programs in schools at its outreach center in Essequibo.

Husain will be visiting schools in Guyana to, “launch an awareness campaign, connecting with our youths and having them commit to values of old. I am excited and happy to launch “I-COMMIT TO” bracelets…let the conversation begin! These bracelets are intended to start a conversation.”

Head teachers of the schools that she intends to visit will also be given booklets that can be used as an information tool kit. The booklet is equipped with places to go to for help and how to go about getting the help needed.

“These bracelets will be awarded for acts of valor to students and young people in Guyana who share their success stories with me as I kick off my awareness campaign. I firmly believe in order for us to commit to others, we must first commit to some basic moral principles and values we hold dear.”

She is also urging persons to sharetheir success story and believes it will encourage others to do the same.

She stressed that, “Miss World Guyana 2014 has given me the platform to promote my cause and spread awareness of Domestic Violence in Guyana and around the world. I am asking all of Guyana to join in my campaign to stop domestic violence and bring awareness to the early signs of it. This will in turn create a better future for our families by donating and supporting this cause.”

There are two planned fun raising events in October and November 2014. A Red Carpet Dinner will be held on October 25 at Palm Court and a Boat Cruise in New York on November 8th.



  1. everyone these days are experts in domestic violence but none can stop it..
    law makers—–mostly men—holds the key to this..
    man wont make and pass laws that once man dig a slap in woman and its a proven fact he going jail for no less than 100 years to chill out think n ponder..
    yall could talk about it till hell freeze over but once man dont make and pass laws like that…drastic laws yall only lipping off..


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