Guyana will not ban Nationals from Africa despite Ebola crisis – Health Min.

Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran. [iNews' Photo]


By Fareeza Haniff

Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran.
Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran.

[] – Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran has made it clear that Guyana does not intend to ban nationals from Africa coming into the country, despite the Ebola epidemic.

During a telephone interview with iNews today, Wednesday, October 15, Dr. Ramsaran assured that there is strong screening of persons coming into the country at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and at other port of entries.

He told iNews that thus far there are no suspected Ebola cases in Guyana and that at least one person was turned back to Suriname at the Moleson Creek border.

According to the Health Minister, there is a joint multi ministry effort to ensure that the deadly virus does not make its way to Guyana, given the fact that his ministry does not have the ability to test or treat the virus.

This includes screening tents which will be established at the CJIA and according to Dr Ramsaran, he is investigating reports that there is no monitoring of the virus at the Ogle International Airport.

He explained that an area at the Georgetown Public Hospital is being set up to quarantine persons if there are any suspected cases, while over 100 doctors and nurses have already been trained on how to handle the virus.

The Health Ministry is also looking at a specific building at the West Demerara Regional Hospital to quarantine suspected cases.

St Vincent and the Grenadines has placed a ban on nationals from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Guinea entering the island, as Caribbean countries continue to put in place measures to deal with a possible outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in the region.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said that the measure was taken given the lack of infrastructure on the island to deal with the Ebola virus for which there is no known cure.

Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Guinea are the three West African countries most affected by the Ebola virus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says 4,447 people have died from the outbreak, mainly in West Africa.



  1. I have a better idea if one person becomes ill due to this decision. The people should find this minister and stone him. I am still in wonder where did a few of these so call minster got their education and degrees.

  2. Idiot! when countries with the best medical systems in the world are scared and afraid to have the public contaminated with one of the deadliest virus known to medical professionals and scientist. Why in God’s name would this jackass let nationals from known high risk areas into a country with an inferior health system. Or did Guyana develop a magic pill for Ebola while trying to deal with the chikungunya outbreak? Btw are they not still dealing with chikungunya? Idiot’s I wonder sometimes about these ministers and their degrees. But the public is at fault a few freebies and broken promises at election and everyone just forgets there is a gigantic elephant in Guyana or maybe a few gigantic elephants that is not being address.

  3. I thought there were travel restrictions, did they take it off the table? Is that what this article is saying, just don’t get it. Hey, please, restrictions must be in place to safe guard the citizens, if the USA ain’t know what to do when it come, wud Guyanese know, oh God, have mercy upon us, I pray.

  4. I think we as Guyanese we have the right over our well being and safety we need to protest over this minister action,I really do think he need to read more about Ebola virus!!!!!

  5. He is an ideal idiot !! what the hell??? Dallas have more medical ,equipment and much more proper facility than Guyana do and they are not taking chance to keep any Ebola patient at the hospital or anyone with Ebola symptom and in Africa they don’t have enough bags to put the cops in and this is what he has to say some one need to step up and take action before it’s too late!! it’s good to pray ,Gob gave us BRAIN but god wouldn’t help us if we can’t used our brain to think

  6. Why take the risk Of a possible outbreak or infecting our people when the experts are saying these are vulnerable countries with Ebola infected persons you guys must be held responsible for your poor decisions when someone gets ill and don’t run away with your families when things get out of hand but it seems like you want to see fair play. We don’t have the knd of resources and you are fully aware of this.

  7. Something is really wrong with this minister look all you close down the Cjia, other countries doing it. So who the hell are we

  8. If the USA cannot deal with the Ebola, Guyana cannot deal with Ebola,we cannot deal Chikungunana, how can we deal with Ebola, other Caribbean Country has already place a ban to their border, Minister u need to take a grip of yr self and do what is right for Guyanese people ban all the people from Africa coming the country, I am not being bias we are Guyanese and u need to protect people health in Guyana.

  9. Can someone on here put up a contact # for this minister. Who really is this guy is he qualified or at least competent for this position? Who is he really protecting? Why is Mr. Luncheon not giving his wisdom in this field to help protect the Guyanese people We cannot sit idle and allow these crazy decisions to be passed with out a voice. Guyanese stand up to this minister, stand up for yourself and kids.

  10. I’m worried for our kid’s what would happen to them the minister’s make there decision’s without the people of guyana voice what can we do just pray for our family’s and guyana .

  11. The ppl in Guyana needs to take action. Educate yourself n ur family about Ebola. Take to the streets n protest against the minister decision.get a petition started make sure every one signs it. It’s clear that the minister or the government don’t have the Guyanese ppl best interest at heart

  12. This type of approach and pronouncement is indicative of a special condition:congenital idiocy. Enough said.

  13. Sir with all due respect:
    Please do not be a dead hero.
    If I was in charge, I will take all necessary precaution to stop this disease by all means or I will remove myself..

  14. I know for sure if the ebola virus touches down in Guyana its going to have a clean sweep because it is going to wipe us all out, we have no proper medications nor health facilities and then is when we will find those in positions running to seek help in other countries and we the citizens have to be our own doctors while they are in safety

  15. Do not let people from ebola countries to enter guyana because we don’t have system in place to handle such .america with all its system in place getting a hard time .guyana should impose travel ban.

  16. So he thinks having a few doctors at the airport will prevent Ebola? Most people don’t show signs until weeks after being infected. If Guyana cannot test for Ebola, then what will be done when someone gets infected? I think that’s a question that should be addressed since the virus is expected to spread even more.

  17. This is nonsense. Guyana Is a small country as it is. Basically the people at CJIA watching at arriving passenges to see if they’re sick. Little do they know,someone could have the virus and not show symptoms until a few days later. Who will be watching then?

  18. That Minister doesn’t cares for the people of Guyana, so let them come and kill the rest of Guyanese people’s with Ebola , a disease without treatment. God knows why you people still in office doing useless nothing. Guyana just need one person to have Ebola for all to have it. Guyanese people’s still sick with Chikungunya and the Minister inviting more to come spread Ebola we all are going to die.

  19. st Vincent run by idiots…ban three african countries nationals….they could ban the entire african continent nationals and it will come from other countries and they wont even know..anyhow they dont know their nose from their ties in those tiny islands but want to big up themselves the rulers that is.

  20. The hoapitals here in Guyana doesn’t have medications and requisite to treat everyday conditions muchless the ebola virus.if that should happen we are all going to die.

  21. that why we call for research and education,point of correction the most effected ebola country is liberia and Nigeria is ebola free.


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