Minibus operators now required to pay $200 daily fee for use of City bus parks


The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has launched a system for minibus operators in Georgetown which will see them paying a daily fee of $200 for the use of bus parks in the city as part of the efforts being made to maintain and beautify the environs.

bus parkM&CC Public Relations Officer (PRO) Debra Lewis (Ag) said that a meeting was held with operators of public transportation to make a decision on payments for this venture which saw 95 per cent of the operators being in agreement with the decision.

The final decision made was each operator would pay $200 each day as a contribution for this venture.

This project would be started in phases, for each public transportation park within the city.

Lewis said, weekly meetings will be conducted to accommodate room for alternate changes, if this payment is not feasible enough.

The implementation of this payment system by M&CC came with much criticism from some operators, citing it as totally unfair to them considering the economic hardships currently faced by many.




  1. This is what the AMERICAN has installed….TAX the local people and make them pay for everything….soon they will have to pay to walk on the streets,,,,The current installed government has NO economic skills…when would people realized that? The have no vision how to take Guyana FWD….they come to north america on FIRST time visits and become so stupid that the go back to Guyana and implement PAID parking like the north american system…little do these dunces realize, GUYANA is not the US or CANADA….the system here WILL NOT work there….so unless these brainless morons of ministers are removed, Guyana is slowly going under the ATLANTIC with captain Granger and Harmon as the leader….

  2. Minibus operators now required to pay $200 daily fee for use of City bus parks
    Minis bus owners will pass on this cost to commuters..
    Mayor Green should open a bathroom at these bus parks so mini bus touts can shower regular and not smell up the joint even some mini bus drivers and conductors smells real bad from operating in that hot boiling sun all day long

  3. All vehicles i.e cars, trucks, etc, should pay to park on the streets of Central Georgetown. Hourly rates should be applied. Now with the mini buses, $200.00 for whole day is very small. What about the increased fares and now the reduction of fuel prices the mini buses are getting? The commuters are not getting anything. So no operator should be crying to pay $200.00 for a whole day. This greed.

  4. The mini bus operators are not rich. Why the government is targeting hard working citizens and rob their hard earned money?


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