Public losing trust, confidence in visionless Gov’t  –  says Ramson Jnr during Budget debate

PPP/C MP, Charles Ramson Jr.

The route that the APNU+AFC coalition Government is taking remains “visionless”, the end result of which is that the entire Guyanese populace will lose its trust and any confidence it had in the administration “as citizens continue to suffer and live in fear”.

This was the bold and eloquent declaration by Opposition PPP/C Member of Parliament, Charles Ramson Jnr, during the week-long 2016 Budget debate that started today in the National Assembly.

He said the government’s actions and signals are “destroying confidence every day” among the citizenry.

“… the uncertainty of change, the pace of change, the uncertainty of a clear and articulated vision for the future…it is destroying confidence every day,” Ramson posited.

Opposition PPP/C Member of Parliament, Charles Ramson Jnr
Opposition PPP/C Member of Parliament, Charles Ramson Jnr

According to him, “the fear being created by the government is having a direct, adverse impact on the economy and the future of Guyana.”

“The fear about passing laws, giving GRA the power to go and investigate into your bank account, or the fear about moves being made to take away your land or property, the fear of higher taxes and increased fees and increased collections, the requirement of certificates of compliance before you obtain government services, the fear of the re-emergence of the People’s Militia, the fear of military officers seeking to unlawfully detain you or your family members then chasing them down the road in high speed, dangerous and reckless chases (one that ended up with three persons dead)  and then the government turns around and says there is no need for a probe…,” Ramson told the House.

He said another reason the public continues to doubt the Administration and cannot trust it is because of the “major political changes” which have taken place in government-run and government-controlled organisations and agencies.

“There are too many shocks in the system, too many for it to handle…persons with the institutional knowledge to effectively run the system are being replaced and they are being replaced often times with political hacks, persons who are ill-equipped to fill those positions. They are sent on leave for extended periods of time…,” he pointed out, in reference to the hundreds of persons especially from a particular ethnic group and  with known or perceived affiliations to the now Opposition PPP/C being dismissed or placed on the breadline since the APNU/AFC government took office nine months ago.

He pointed out that the APNU+AFC coalition is still operating as it did while it was in Opposition with regards to “cutting” the budgets presented in the National Assembly. To add credence to this argument, Ramson alluded to the fact that the Government last year (2015) budgeted for $221B, and of that amount, $30B was not spent.

“This time it is cutting its very own budget. All in all, it can’t work!”  Ramson Jnr declared.

According to the PPP/C MP, “when trust is lost it is sometimes never regained” and while the Administration touts that the economy has grown by three (3) per cent, the population is yet to “feel it”.

“If they do not feel the benefits of that 3 per cent growth, that their personal circumstances are improving, then it defeats the purpose. It also means that there is a qualitative disconnect between what the budget says and what they are feeling, which means that it affects credibility and in the end that affects their legitimacy…I was very surprised when I heard in the budget thus far that there were no reports of job losses.”

He explained that for the Government to believe that there has been no loss in jobs during the time it took office last year to date either means that the Administration is “not speaking to people” or that the citizens are not speaking to the Government.

However, the MP disclosed that his Party has been conversing with numerous businessmen across Guyana and they have been complaining that “money is not circulating” and “nothing ain’t happening”. (Kristen Macklingam)




  1. Really? The economy will GROW? Where do you get your data from? Jordan and Granger who both cannot speak a line of English correctly much less to have Economic skills? The fact remains: Since the PNC took office, crime rate double, economy went backward 3.4% and the regime took 9 loans and give them selves salary increase. USA just label them as ALSO the # 1 MOST corrupted country in the world which means they made ZERO progress in 9 months….Live and learn -speak the truth…do not live your life on ASSUMPTIONS of what will happen tomorrow because data so far show WORST state for the poor guyanese people…..

  2. The PPP had an opportunity to create jobs in Guyana when the Marriott Hotel was being built,but not one Guyanese was employed,because as was alleged,they hadn`t the skill.What skill these jokers are talking about?Guyanese are the best skilled and competent workers in any company.I believe,the main reason was,that the alleged corruption and malpractices might have been detected somehow.Up to NOW,we don`t even know who are the real owners.SHADY BUSINESS AGAIN.You can continue FOOLING YOURSELF Ramson,Only those who can be fooled easily will agree with you.Fortunately,the Coalition is much more considerate than the corrupt and wicked PPP.The economy will eventually grow,and this will be in the best interest of all,PUNDITS OF DOOM.

  3. Seems like you were in a coma since may last. Or is it that you are one of the many that are too ashamed to admit that these people yall vote for are a pack of waste.

  4. #So called jagan – it was ramson wife, child & brother in law the military state was wrongfully chasing leading to the lost of 3 innocent life being take all from instructions from the new military government ! His family is living pròof , the edivence is in the media fella

  5. do these persons live on crime that write these comments on this page i hope no so let them take a $5000 and buy one week goods and MUST HAVE EVERYTHING FOR THE HOUSEHOLD USE AND COME ON WRITE ON THIS WHAT YOU BUY AND WHAT IT COST

  6. Teddy Boi every country in the world have their elites who are in high offices doing the same thing this elite doing..It just goes to show what you have no guts to be there and not him and maybe you are jealous of him that he is an elite and your are a have not. I

  7. When I read statements from individuals like this fellow, the so-called elites of Guyana, it just serves to show how down graded Guyana had reached under the PPP mafias. Running here and there like undisciplined child, Ramson is trying to create fear without any evidence, thanks to a gullible Guyanese’s public.


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