Irfaan Ali slams Gov’t on fake promise of ‘good life’ – says this promise ‘elusive to most, a reality only for a select few’


Kicking off this year’s Budget debates in the National Assembly in a ‘fiery’ manner similar to last year’s showdown, former Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali has slammed the Government’s budget promise of “the good life”, saying this fake promise to Guyanese is “elusive to most” and “now a reality for a selected few”.

Ali said the utilities of the “average man” were never improved since the APNU+AFC coalition took power in 2015, and this indicates that the mantra trumpeted by the Administration of  “a good life” for all is simply a mirage.

PPP/C Member of Parliament, Irfaan Ali
PPP/C Member of Parliament, Irfaan Ali

The PPP/C Member of Parliament contended that, based on  statistics reported, there is an erosion of the well-being of average Guyanese, gleaned from observing macro-economic indicators and supported by the fact that consumer spending in 2015 as reflected was at the lowest ever over the last four years.

He also argued that the APNU+AFC government should accept that the financial and economic system can completely collapse since there is “a crisis brewing” in this regard.

“We don’t have real growth and investment…because of the slowdown in the economy, fewer jobs were created…they (government) campaigned on job creation but only mentioned the word ‘job’ in the 2016 budget three times…there was a reduction in employment opportunities especially in the Private Sector…,” Ali told the House.

He added that when Finance Minister Winston Jordon “says no reported job loss…the Bank of Guyana half-year Report says otherwise.”

Ali, who proffer the view that the country suffered tremendously due to reduction of activities in the Mining and Construction sectors, said “the government is to blame”.

Debate on the 2016 Budget started today in the National Assembly (Carl Croker photo)
Debate on the 2016 Budget started today in the National Assembly (Carl Croker photo)

“We are in an economic quandary because of this coalition Government…,” Ali declared, while arguing that the Government cutting back on Capital spending when the economy is in a rapid decline “cannot be sound economic management” by the APNU/AFC administration.

He said the 2016 budget is one where there is “the taxation of the poor” while simultaneously “promoting special interests”.

“Where is the promise of VAT? Doubling of Old Age Pension and Public Assistance? The increase in personal Income Tax threshold to $100,000 –  where has this promise gone?” Ali questioned.

He said based on the 2016 budget speech by Minister Jordan, “there is no reduction in VAT, it is not something Guyanese can expect this year or the near future…instead, Guyanese should prepare to pay more VAT.” (Kristen Macklingam) 



  1. Oh yes they did good things in 8 months–spend money like crazy–creating programs for their ” people” clean up all government office of ppl that do not look like them–send home thousands from Wales estate –more hungry ppl now-crime rate increased three fold–giving ppl poisoned milk to drink–they installed more ministers than workers and everyone is an expert and the country heading down the falls as fast as you can ever imagine–private sector not hiring and business is dead–Great Job APNU–

  2. You tell me how the APNU can change things over a 8 months in office? Remember PPP was in power for how many years? You try changing things over night. So you people are saying the new governed done nothing good in 8 to 9 months ????

  3. As far as I am concerned,the inquiry into the death of Rodney after over 30 years ago,was a FARCE.Ramotar resurrected this story,some time during the election period,to try to implicate the PNC party,but this turned out to be his party`s demise.losing to the former Opposition,now Coalition Government,a real turnaround.I believe,Rodney,an intelligent young man,who it is alleged,accompanied by his brother were discovered in a vehicle,allegedly damaged by a devise Rodney had in his possession.Rodney died,but his brother survived.A COI,is to be handed over to PresidentGranger by the head of the commission who carried out the inquiry.We shall wait and see the end result.

  4. I believe Irfaan,that you are still fortunate to be outside,to criticize this Coalition.It is alleged,that you were seen removing documents transported via vehicle from your office,before the elections,Thank your lucky star,for the moment.TIME WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU.The PPP had growth,after giving the public servants a 6% raise every December for years,retro-active from January the said years unilaterally,thus allegedly cheating workers of their real salaries,not bargaining with their Unions.This in itself,was a corrupt practice.So,you are not qualified to talk about any growth of the economy.

  5. more to come yet the fish price gone up three banga mary for $500 the fish strike water from the sky strike rain stop fall people are buying half pound sugar because wales is closing down and the list is so long to put for people to read the people who vote for them are shame now let the minister walk around Georgetown and ask the people how GOOD LIFE THEY NOW

  6. Irfaan Ali slams Gov’t on fake promise of ‘good life’ – says this promise ‘elusive to most, a reality only for a select few’
    From day one when the US Installed PNC took away poor school children 10,000 and upped the old age pension just a bit but cut their electricity and water perks and no one took to the streets they know they are allowing the US Installed PNC to trample on all Guyanese.


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